Saturday, March 27, 2010

new plan: week 0

action speak louder than words right? well i am happy to report, i'm finally doing it. i took the next step in my weight loss journey and joined slimgenics last week. and my good news to report?! since i started last sunday 3/21 i'm down 7 pounds!!!
i went in after i got back from vegas to learn about the program and ask the questions i had. they say it is 75% of what you put into your mouth. and i've been saying (writing) that i would start paying attention to what i put into my mouth, and i think that i have, but obviously not enough to make a difference on the scale. i feel so relieved that i'm actually doing what it is i set out to do. i'm getting the help that i need, but i know it is up to me to follow through. having the help does make it a little bit easier, but that doesn't mean it isn't hard. because believe me, it is hard. super hard.
the slimgenics program guarantee's that if i follow their plan, i'll be to my goal weight by october 17th! to know that this struggle actually has an end date fills me with so many emotions, i don't even know how to describe it. mostly i'm excited, but i'm also very nervous. i've been able to see a thinner me for forever. but i can't seem to imagine it. to think that it is actually going to happen. i have confidence in this plan, because i've seen it work. going and getting the information helped a lot. once i hit my goal weight the plan continues, which builds my confidence in maintaining. another huge part of that is working out, which i already have, so i'm not worried about that at all. the slimgenics program technically consists of 3 phases. the weight loss phase, the balance phase, and the maintain phase. my weight loss phase will go until i get to my goal weight, which is until 10/17 (or sooner). the balance phase is 4 weeks, and the maintain phase is 12 weeks. so even after i get to my goal, i still have the help for another 4 months.
it feels good because i'm eating what the body is meant to eat. which means: nothing bad. which means that it is hard. i can go into the offices as often as i want, which is great because it helps to keep me accountable. this week i went in on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, and today. they weight you every time you go in. they are closed on sunday's which kinda sucks, because i won't have someone to check in with. i write down what i eat, and they help give pointers. today when i went in i asked "does this get easier?" "will there be a time when i don't crave something bad?" and the lady i spoke to was very honest. she said no, but that the temptations will be less the more time goes by. but that there will always be struggles.
i do feel that this diet is an extreme, and who knows maybe once a good chunk of time has passed and i've been on this plan, i can come to a state of mind that says: "yes, i will eat like this for the rest of my life" but for right now, i don't have that frame of mind. right now, this is me finding a means to an end. finding a good way to eat, helping me lose weight. i know i will take these habits into the rest of my life, but that once i get to my goal weight i'll balance them into other things that i like to eat. like cheese. i'll create my own happy medium.
right now i feel a little bit of relief that something isn't wrong with me. that i can lose weight. that. i. lost. seven. pounds. in. one. week. SEVEN!!! i can't even tell you how happy that makes me!!!
so i plan on making my saturday posts status updates on this plan, because it is updated weekly at the slimgenics office. with that, i'll be updating my weight loss weekly as well. and because i've written down just about everything else with this journey, so why stop with this?
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Anonymous said...

Yahoo!!! That is so awesome... You are always an inspiration! Love ya! ~ b

Nikki said...

Love you, love you!

sarahlove said...

OMG!!!! You are doing this!!! It's all you!

Stay strong April!

the emily said...

DUDE, AWESOME! Congratulations!!

Wonderer said...

that's awesome, April! :-)

Jimmy said...

I don't know you, but one of the things I like about you is your attitude. This is really cool--that you're doing it instead of talking about it.