Thursday, March 18, 2010

all kinds of crazy

my parents are in hawaii this week on spring break.
my mom has been sending me picture text messages all week.
i got one titled "pool side".
another titled "dinner drink", it was a drink in a pineapple.
i'm a little bit jealous.
just a little.


i have a connect the dot game on my face right now.
i'm pretty sure i was a teenager the last time i broke out this bad.
what's the deal?


the bus drive into work/home is super
long without a book to read.


how old is hold? while not reading on the bus this morning, i overheard two women having a conversation. i would guess they were in their mid 30's, and one woman asks "how old is your brother?" the other woman replies "31, so he's still young."
i'm pretty sure old is anyone older than me, and that young is anyone younger than me.
so what does that make me?


i really don't like bacon,
but i do enjoy the BLT wrap at the deli.


i'm pretty sure the front counter guy at the gym
has a crush on me.


i got a flower today at work, from a woman as an apology.
although i feel that she really didn't have anything to apologize for.
but walking to my desk this morning and seeing a flower
really made my day.


happy birthday emily!


i start something big on sunday,
and i'm super excited and nervous about it.


have you seen these commercials about which way you roll your
toilet paper?
over or under?
this is not something to talk about.
i'm just sayin'.


curling my hair on the right side
is so much easier than compared to the left.


i have this weird habit whenever i drive.
i obsessively look at everyone's license plate tags.
i look and see whose has expired.
i see a lot of people who have expired tags.
here in colorado we have a color code system for each year.
i even have the colors memorized.
we have 4 colors.
2011 is red
2012 will be green
2013 will be yellow
2014 will be orange


STRIKE! 60min


Anonymous said...

Love the pic of your dad in the pineapple. We have one of those too! Love it!! I actually did a funny paper on which side the toilet paper roll should be in college...and got and A+, I might add! Although I am not sure just how proud of that I should be...On the license plate tag obsession...I think you should be paying more attention to the road..just sayin..:) Love ya and good luck on sunday! -Kari

the emily said...

toilet paper has to go over. has to.

flowers are so nice! very thoughtful of her.

THANK you! it was a very happy birthday.

Rachel P said...

I totally know what you mean about the connect the dot game going on your face. I do, too. I don't think I ever had a breakout this bad when I was a teenager! Aaron keeps giving me a hard time, all in good fun of course. I feel your pain!

sarahlove said...

LOVE these posts the BEST!

They always make me smile!

Nikki said...

This one really made me laugh and smile. What a great photo of your dad. My parents do that to me too; send me pictures via text.