Thursday, March 25, 2010

all kinds of crazy

i have a new crush.
evan lysacek, y u m m y.


last week while i was at the gym in one of the
studio's i heard one of the instructors say:
"make sure you have back cleavage."


i have some big news
...coming soon!


i got 250 pictures this week
at wolf's camera for only
they have six cent prints on


i love filing my nails.




i'm really loving the song
"need you now"
by lady antebellum.


i want some cheese.


in two weeks
my cousin nikki
will be here,
i can't wait!


the marriage ref
is a stupid show.

STRIKE! 60min


Nikki said...


the emily said...

ha! i like the marriage ref.

sarahlove said...

I love these posts you do!! (I may have to do this sometime!)

Can't wait for your news!!!

Wonderer said...

back cleavage, hmm. like, you want your back/shoulder muscles pushing together when you do push-ups? interesting.