Monday, March 1, 2010

something blue blue that is.
in all honesty this particular shade of blue isn't my favorite, but their is something about this blue that just makes me desire something.
on my recent shopping trip, this was my splurge.
for my birthday my aunt and uncle who also happen to be my God parents got me a generous Visa gift card. i held onto it specifically for this occasion. i knew i wanted to get a special piece of jewelry to mark the beginning of my thirties. something i would be able to look back on and smile upon.

the tiffany & co. teardrop pendant. the teardrop represents a lot of different things for me. one being rain, another being water. plus, tears. tears of happiness, tears of sadness. i'm not quite 3 months into my 30's, but so far i have no complaints. this necklace i hope is just the start of good things to come, and i have my uncle john and aunt margaret to thank in helping me start this new chapter.

treadmill 50min


Nikki said...

oooooh, that's pretty! Good choice.

the emily said...

April, it's so pretty! I think that's a fantastic idea. Good choice.

Wonderer said...

What a beautiful necklace!

Anonymous said...

We all know your great taste . . . this just confirms it.

This is a beautiful piece of jewelry that you will wear with love, hope and pride for years and years to come.

Love MOM

Anonymous said...

Great choice April! I love the teardrop shape. Very pretty! Congrats on your very 1st Tiffany piece and wishing you more to come!!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous... Just like you! Love you!
~ b