Sunday, February 28, 2010

vancouver 2010

it is such an amazing sight to see the world come together. literally. it gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. in all honesty i didn't watch a lot of the olympics. a lot of times they were on in the background during my blogging times, and because they were on so late, they were left on when i put my TV on sleep. i did record the men's short program figure skating event, and watched it this afternoon. and my my, us american's, we are super good looking!
a great recap of the olympic events was shown prior to the closing ceremonies. i'm pretty sure all the major wins and upsets were highlighted in about a 90 minute period.
i loved the medals. i thought they were beautiful. some of the medals in years past to me were disappointing, but these ones ...gorgeous. i love the wave effect, and the 2tone color effect.
the flowers i thought were disappointing. just green? i thought they were boring, and not very pretty. a little bit of color i think would have gone a long way.
just my opinion anyways.
STRIKE! 60min


Anonymous said...

Yes, I loved the metals as well.

Love, MOM

Nikki said...

I like the medals too. I actually do like the flowers, but I wouldn't mind a little color as well.

We didn't get to watch the olympics, except for the opening ceremonies. I got chills, though. It's a beautiful thing.

sarahlove said...

Can't go wrong with a bit of pink- which is exactly what those flowers need! :o)

Rachel P said...

Aaron said something like, "Are they giving them bunches of broccoli?" :-D