Friday, February 12, 2010

something positive

so i do apologize for my negative rant i went on a few days ago...but if you were working as hard i me, and got the same results you would be a little pissed as well. i'm just sayin'. ok, i've made my point i'm moving on.

this week at work i had my 2009 review at work. this year at work has been crazy. of course the main change was that i got a different boss. and well she said some really nice things about me and i feel like i want to share them.

"April is organized, smart, takes on challenges, needs little direction, solves problems, is very helpful and has a great attitude. she manages several people's needs and prioritizes so we all feel like we're #1. she is very resourceful and people utilize her knowledge and help. April is a key contributor to the team because we all know we can depend on her to do a good job with her work. April needs to make sure she isn't doing other work, helping one time has turned into expected support from marketing group.
i look forward to giving her additional growth opportunities in 2010."

i really like my job. and right now i have a huge comfort in knowing that i do my job well. going into the unknown is always scary. and when i took this job i left the comfort of leaving a job i knew i did a good job at. but now that i have this routine and the same feeling for this job i feel content and satisfied.

i got some other good news today. and i have weird feelings about it because i don't really know how it makes me feel. tonight at the gym i went to dance jam, and kali wasn't there to teach it so the group fitness director person taught it, her name is emily. emily is new to lifetime but she has subbed for some classes in the past and she always compliments me. she once said to me "i wish i could bottle you up and sell you." was cute. anyways. i give her feedback now on classes because she knows that i frequent them and give good feedback and because she is the group fitness director. so tonight after today's class i talked to her and she asks me "have you ever thought about teaching? you are a good dancer etc..." and i said "well you know i have thought about it." she says back "well let this plant the seed. think about it and we'll talk. think about that you could come to the gym get your workout in, get paid, and get a free membership." that's probably one of the best compliments i have ever received! in all honesty i wanted to respond to her and say "you want some fat chick teaching a dance class?" but i didn't say that. but i think about it, and i think about what would the other members think?...seeing me teach a class? and of course that is when i started to doubt myself. but at the same time i think "wow what an opportunity!" i would make it so much fun! so i don't know. i would love to sit down with emily and have a serious conversation about it. get all of the details etc... again the unknown. so scary. not knowing.
elliptical 35min
dance jam 60min


the emily said...

April, that is awesome! Congratulations on both fronts. I think you would make a great teacher. Go for it!

Wonderer said...

what a great review from your boss, and great compliment from the fitness director! I think you would make an excellent teacher!

fotobug said...

Teaching dance class would be one more way (to add to your list) of things that you already do, to inspire people.

You inspire me.

Anonymous said...

We all would love to bottle you up and sell you!!! Your work ethics are seen and appreciated. Your gym dedication is seen and appreciated. And you would make a great dance teacher. Just by your enthusiasm, talent and spirit you make a great presence inspiring others like you inspire us.
So yes GO for it because your attributes should be shared.
Love Mom