Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the universal language

love. love isn't a word, it's an act. you don't know that someone loves you by the words that they say, but by the actions they give you. i am a fan of love and so is sarah. while in las vegas we went to go see the cirque du soleil show at the mirage: the beatle's LOVE! this is for everyone. in all honesty i'm not a big beatle's fan, but of course i know who they are, and i know their popular songs. what really prompted me to go to this show was sarah. this was her second time seeing this show, and said that it was amazing. i'm a fan of cirque du soleil, and based of off those two things i agreed to go.
i've seen a total of 6 cirque shows in the past, 3 of which are las vegas shows. so i went into LOVE knowing what to expect. i was wrong, so so wrong. this show is probably my favorite. the typical cirque show puts on little acts that show extraordinary strength/flexibility/motion etc... and this show does do that, but it's just different, and the flow between the acts was perfect. plus the whole show incorporated dance! one of my favorite acts was this shirtless man dancing all around the dance floor. he moved so beautifully, and his whole number was so fluid. you noticed him moving, but questioning how he got there because it was so perfect. another favorite of mine was these 4 couples, dancing with the lights. the timing was immaculate. it gave me chills. choreographed with the songs of the beatle's the energy of the audience and your eyes watching something amazing created a breath taking experience. if you are ever in vegas i would strongly suggest you check out some LOVE!

sarah jumping for love!

all you need is love ...and peace!

elliptical 14min
zumba 60min

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sarahlove said...

It's true. I love love. ::sigh:: The good, the bad and the lovely all combined in this show making the heart ache and soar..... but in the end leaving you with the ending song speaking straight to your heart...

'all you need is love, love.... all you need is love....'

Because really, isn't all we really need?

Thanks for joining me April! <3