Saturday, February 26, 2011

less talk, more action

i'm know that i've been sounding like a broken record, oh since about what, october?! it's gotten a bit ridiculous if you ask me. even i'm sick of talking about it. i survived the holidays, being sick, my birthday, and the month of february just as an extra cushion, i guess?! who knows why i let february down the drain, but oh well, it is gone. nothing i can do about it now.
i have at least 20 more pounds to lose. i am officially making monday the day. nothing ordinary about that, i know. but this time i have a plan, and not only am i putting my plan out there for all the world to see, if i fail, that will be known as well.
and that is what i'm scared of. failing.
everyone says it's the last of the weight that is always the hardest to lose. being so close to goal, but not quiet there.
knowing that it is going to be even more than a struggle ...than what? ...than losing the previous 90?! so i guess that is what i need to remind myself of. that if i can lose 90, surely i can lose another 20. so what if it takes me a little bit longer? does that really even matter? how long it takes me?! i know it'll be a struggle. i also know that i can do it.
just do it.
i also fear that i won't be able to do it without the help of slimgenics. but i do have a plan of attack. plan my meals. write down everything that i eat. watch my portions. snack on veggies. allow myself a "cheat" every now and then. be present, be real. my life, my journey. i can do this on my own, and i will.
lastly, set goals. with such a small number to lose, i need to keep myself motivated. give myself things that i love to keep me going.
the first milestone will be at 10 pounds...which in all honesty is not just 10 pounds, it is actually 100 pounds. one hundred pounds. 265 to 165. when i lose 10 more pounds i'm going to go get myself a facial! i can't wait for that!
next milestone will be 15 pounds (total lost 105). i think that'll be a new pair of shoes, non-workout shoes.
lastly, goal weight of 155. some shopping!!!
like everything in life, i know that i'll have some setbacks, but i also know that i'll have some victories. most importantly i know that the end result will get me right where i want to be.
strictly strength 60min


chris.maynes said...

You are Amazing and an Inspiration! :)

reflections said...

If I had not seen you or followed your blog and I saw you again for the first time since the reunion there is NO way I would recognize you. One HUNDRED pounds. That is going to be such an amazing accomplishment...90 pounds IS an amazing accomplishment. I am SO proud of you! (and I LOVE YOUR NEW HAIR. Much better!)

Anonymous said...

So proud. So supportive.
YOU ARE Awesome and then some!!!!

I will buy that facial.
I will buy that pair of shoes.
I will buy that/or help(lol)
If you need slimgenics (we don't think you do) BUT I will buy that too!
can hardly wait to hug April "Wicked" Madrid

Love, Prayers, MOM

Rachel said...

Ah! I am giddy with excitement for you!!!

sarahlove said...

Your mom is absolutely sweet. Her comment made me smile and tear up too. She is SO proud of you. Your dad is too!

You WILL do it April. It's that simple. Tomorrow is Monday. THE DAY that will change your life. Because you are going to start your journey on your home stretch!

Anonymous said...

Yup, you go this. It's yours.

Anonymous said...

Umm...When I think of all you have accomplished the last couple of years, the last thing I would think of is "all talk and no action." April you have done an amazing job in putting your plan into action...Just sayin! Anonymos above puts it best...You got this. Its yours!

Love Kari