Wednesday, February 2, 2011

it's cold

denver tonight

have you heard about the cold wave that is going on in 30 states right now? if not, let me clue you in. it is in fact pretty simple to explain. it's cold outside. like bitterly cold. stay inside cold. 48 hours of subzero temperatures cold. now imagine this. on friday i left work to get a salad for lunch and people were eating outside because it was in the high 60's. the weekend was beautiful in town and in the high country, then on monday things turned bitterly cold. combine the cold with snow and i was not a happy camper.
tuesday was the worse of it. our high on tuesday was -1*. with the windchill majority of the day yesterday denver felt like -30*. the overnight low not even taking in consideration the windchill was -20*. today i think out high was 8*. i actually left the house today to go to the gym and thankfully the roads are all cleared, but it is still so cold.
tomorrow and friday we are suppose to heat up into the 30's then the 40's. i'm looking forward to that. i can't even check my mail because it's frozen shut.
i'm super lucky because i've been able to work from home. with my commute of taking the bus and walking to work, i just didn't want to be outside. my boss was ok with me working from home so i stayed home.
i'll be happy when the temperature gets above freezing!
elliptical 30min
treadmill 30min


sarahlove said...

I went outside for the first time in three days, today. My hands and toes froze so much it hurt.

Rachel said...

I am done with this cold wave, thank you very much!

Nikki said...

ack! That's really cold!