Tuesday, February 22, 2011

updated resolution 2011

I’ve been focused on my numbers for so long. I think that is because I knew I would need to establish a high number in order for it to be considered a habit. “It” of course being working out. I always knew that there would be a year where the number compared to the previous year would be smaller. And like so many things on this journey, I told myself I would deal with that when I got there. I am currently at that bridge, deciding what to do. January wasn’t a good month, and February doesn’t seem to be too hot either. I think because mentally my head is someplace else. I knew that in order for weight loss to be a success I would have to create a solid workout routine. Manage my workouts, and make sure that I was working out 5 days a week consistently. I have, in my opinion established that routine. My workout routine is something I'm very comfortable with. I now know it isn’t something I need to focus on. The habit is there, and I know it isn’t going anywhere. I no longer have a need to obsess about my numbers, but rather a want. I don’t want to stop working out, and I know that I won’t.

That leaves me with the reality that I probably won’t work out more than what I did last year, which was 254 times. And even though I didn’t set a specific number goal for 2011,I feel the need to update my goals for this year. Although after reading my resolution post for this year that I wrote at the beginning of last month, I’m not really changing anything. I still plan on working out between 200 – 240 this year, and I still plan on doing at least six 5k’s.

I suppose my main point is that for me my energy has shifted. Which is why I feel the need to update. The question I ask myself is no longer “How many times will I work out this year?” I don’t even think I have a question for myself for this year. Mainly, I think it is important to just go with the flow. This journey is all about change, and it is too hard to predict what could happen amongst all the change that’s already going on around me. At times it seems too much to keep up with.

Right now I think I need to focus on getting to that uncomfortable spot. Where I know the change will truly start to happen again. Big things are coming for me this year, but it is up to me to find these things. And the only way that'll happen is if I continue to push myself and be uncomfortable.

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