Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday ~ A Bridal Shower

This post is all about my Albuquerque Bridal Shower that my beautiful friend/cousin/Matron of Honor threw for me! Back before I was even engaged my aunt and uncle who live in RI booked a trip to NM for a visit in April. Once I became engaged and asked Kari to be my Matron of Honor she let me know that a Bridal Shower would be in the works. I thought it would be nice to include my Aunt Margaret in the festivities and set the date for the shower when she would be in town. Which was this past Sunday!
Kari had asked what I would like my shower to be like, and let her know that although I don't consider myself much of a girlie girl, that I would like a girlie girl shower. Pastels and paisley and girlie details! She incorporated a little bit of me, a little bit of myself as a couple, a little bit of the wedding, and did a ton of details!!! The colors of the shower were our wedding colors only the pastel version...pastel blue's and coral's! She hung up pictures of Chris and I everywhere! And did a beautiful brunch spread! ...quiche, shrimp cocktail, veggies, fruits, chicken salad sandwiches, and mimosa's! Dessert was just over the top!!! Kari made these amazing sugar cookies with our initials on them, and the cake! Oh my the cake! Home made by Kari herself. Was a delicious white cake with lemon's, blueberries, and raspberries! Not only was the cake super tasty, but it was beautiful!!!
Each person who attended took home a goodie bag, and got a hair-clip all the way from Hawaii (courtesy of the MOT-B!).
She made this fancy tissue balls, and had details everywhere! It was truly an amazing day! Once I arrived I immediately cried in excitement and in being so blessed.

the cake!
so many details!
yummy cookies!
One of the biggest surprises was the arrival of the L* family ...also all the way from RI! Once my wedding date was secure my cousin Charlene let me know that her and her family would be unable to attend the wedding as October is the beginning of the school year and with her work schedule and that time being one of the busiest a trip to Denver just wasn't doable. Although I'm sad they won't be there for the big day there surprise at the shower was just as special! I immediately broke down and Katherine ran into my arms with one of the best hugs I've ever gotten!!!
more details!
In attendance at my shower was my Dad's side of the family. I'm fairly certain the last big Madrid family get together I attended was my Grandma Madrid funeral back in 1996. So seeing my aunts and cousins was super special!
Aunt Ruby, my dad, Aunt Marie, and Aunt Terri
(missing is my Uncle Raymond)
finally a girl cousin pic with ALL of the girl cousins!
Nikki, Charlene, Kari, me, and Cheryl
all of the Egan clan
Katherine, Charlene, and I
all of the gifts!
My Aunt Marcie (on my dad's side) is super crafty! She whipped together my bouquet that I'll use at my rehearsal! It's perfect!
opening presents!
Another surprise was this "Recipe of Love" cookbook/scrapbook that my cousin Kari put together. With the Bridal Shower invite she included a piece of paper for people to send recipes. So for those who were unable to attend, there were still able to take part in the party by sending recipes! It included recipes from my future Mother-in-law and Grandmother-in-law!
For my bridal party I bought these awesome hangers! Each personalized with their names, and mine with my future last name! ...My mom's reads "Mother of the Bride"!
The Madrid Ladies
Aunt Marie, Aunt Ruby (who traveled from OK!), me, Aunt Marice, Aunt Terri, Tammy, Christina, Viola, and Kathleen
What better way to end the party but with Aunt Margaret taking a Harley ride!?
I'll see everyone in October!
I'm super sad I didn't get a picture with just Kari and I, but I know more opportunities will present themselves. Another surprise was my cousin Nikki! She was in ABQ the weekend prior for a wedding, and I had no idea she extended her stay to attend my bridal shower! So lots and lots of unexpected surprises!!! Who know a Bridal Shower could be filled with so much?!
Overall it was the best party!


Nikki said...

I agree, it was a great time, and a mini family reunion. Love you!

Summer said...

love the cookbook idea! The hangers are cute. Glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

Still crying tears of joy and exstacy!!!

Love ya so much/bunches etc
hugs and kisses, can hardly wait til July. Miss Ya

MOT-B! :)

Tammy said...

I LOVE the pictures! Glad that you had an awesome time!!!

Emily Foley said...

It's so pretty! I love those cookies, your matron of honor is one talented lady.