Saturday, April 7, 2012

a day to me

Easter 2012 ~ all the kiddos ready for the hunt
so the transition from Qwest to CenturyLink is complete as of 4/1. with this change a few things have effected me. the big bummer was a pay decrease. although not too significant, still sucky to be told your salary is decreasing, especially when everything else around me is increasing(so it seems, anyways). my vacation time when from 25 days to 22 days, and i had to change insurance providers (from kaiser to united). their are some positives. the first one is i get $25 compensated to me for my gym membership (this helps make up for my salary change) and we get an additional paid holiday! that holiday you ask is Good Friday.
so i had yesterday off. it was so nice to have a full day off to myself. it was definitely something to look forward to. i had a morning cardio workout. followed by breakfast at Village Inn. i have to say this was a completely different experience from what it used to be. and a good reminder of where i came from. i used to go out to eat by myself just to pretend i had a life. just to get myself out of the house. to have some social interaction even if just with a waiter. it was sad, and you can read about this depressed part of my life if you go back in my blog to 2008 and part of 2009. but this time going out to eat by my self, i did it because i could. i was able to truly enjoy it, and my time alone. back when i was depressed out eating by myself i used to think about what it would be like to one day go out to eat by myself and not be lonely or depressed. and take comfort and appreciation with everything. i accomplished that feeling yesterday. to experience a feeling that you've wanted to have but never thought you would have it, it's surreal. to actually feel confident and ok with eating by yourself was a sigh of relief for me. to enjoy it and appreciate it, and know that my everyday life isn't eating by myself brought me comfort. but a happiness feeling of knowing that i still enjoy it, every once in awhile.
after my leisurely breakfast, i then headed to Body and Sole Spa for an extra special treat. a facial! i'm not a big spa person, but my spa treatments of choice are a facial and pedicure. i haven't had a facial since October 2010. and i've been wanting to get one for a really long time. i love going to this spa. i go see Erin who i've been going to since 2005. the spa is super close to my old apartment and i would go see her for my eye-brows, then i experienced her facials. and she's just fabulous all the way around! it was great to see her and catch up. i unfortunately don't go see her as often as i used to because of the location, which is why this was such a treat. it was great to see her and come out with a fresh face! ~thanks Erin!
later that day Chris and i went over to April's house for the 2nd annual night time Easter egg hunt. it was a great time to see everyone and all of the kiddos.
it was just a great day all around. time to me, time with chris, time with my friends. a pretty good mixture!

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Emily Foley said...

That sounds like a really great day to me! How nice! And such a cool thing to have accomplished something you wanted for so long.

I looove going out by myself now, it's the only quite me time I have.