Sunday, April 22, 2012

girls weekend with Chris

 This weekend was full one. Friday evening Chris' Mom, Mary and Grandma (Gma), Bobbie Jo arrived for a quick Denver visit. 
Yesterday morning we went to the Denver Deaf Nation Expo.  Gma has been deaf since she was little, as is majority of her siblings.  The expo was fun and interesting.  Although, not a lot for me to do.  I do know some ASL (American Sign Language) as when I was in HS a friend of mine dated a guy who was deaf.   I quickly learned the alphabet and some words and instantly became fascinated with it.  Then once in college I decided to take Sign Language, as my dream profession was to became a deaf counselor in the school system for kids.  To this day it's something I find very intriguing and interesting and it's a joy for me to (try and) communicate with my future Gma in-law in this language.
After our visit at the deaf expo we headed to a local nursery.  Chris, Mary, and Bobbie Jo all have a green thumb.  This is something I don't have.  I have had my house for six years and have treated my small backyard with absolutely no TLC.  Thankfully Chris has spent these Springtime months giving some love to the backyard, and a nursery is exactly Mary and Bobbie Jo's idea of quality shopping.  So we spent 2+ hours at this nursery looking at just about everything, and doing lots of shopping. 
 Shopping through the nursery
 It was a true joy for everyone.  Bobbie Jo literally lives in a small small town in Northeastern Kansas on a farm, and nowhere near a local green house.  So, for both Mary and Bobbie Jo going through rows and rows of plants, and flowers, and herbs, they were in heaven!
 More shopping
 After the trip to the nursery.  We headed to a fabric store.  Besides having a talent of growing just about every fruit and vegetable, Bobbie Jo is also a talented seamstress.  Bobbie Jo offered to make our pillow for the ring bearer to carry down the aisle at our wedding!  I'm just so in-love with that idea, and can't wait to see!
After the busy day we headed out to a nice dinner.  Gma had a margarita and a half, and who knows the last time this young 83 year old has had that much to drink!  Needless to say she became the entertainment!  It was such a fun dinner!
Cheers to G-Ma! (isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen?!)
 This morning was more and more and more backyard clean up.  Chris and Mary spent about 4 or 5 hours in the backyard cleaning and gardening.  At some point Bobbie Jo joined in while I did  domestic chores inside.
 They worked super hard!
 The trip was very productive and short.  It was fun bonding with some of my future In-Laws and I feel so blessed to be extending my family with these wonderful people!

Mary, Marty (future Dad In-Law), and Alice (future Sister In-Law) will be visiting at the end of May over Memorial Day weekend.  We'll have more quality time and I'm definitely looking forward to it.


Emily Foley said...

When I lived with my parents while Dave was getting his masters there was a nursery not far from their house. I would take Isaac and we would walk around for HOURS. I never bought anything because I didn't have a yard but I would walk around planning what it would look like when it did. I loooove nurseries. And Isaac loved the fountains!

Summer said...

Gotta love girl time! Since everyone here is in apartments, our school horticulture program sells little plants in pots and stuff. They have little shops all over campus and I always want to buy stuff. I love real nurseries though! So fun.

Anonymous said...

What fun. And your backyard looks so different!!!
And shaping up beautifully.

I so look forward to meeting and spending time with Mary and Bobby Jo and enjoying Margarita's with them!
I hope the next time they come that I can come and do a girls thing with the four of us.

I too am sorry to say I do not have a green thumb. I was just recently given a beautiful purple tulip plant at work and promptly killed it. But will try to plant it anyway to see if I can revive it.

Wish me luck.

Love ya,