Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday ~ the BM dress

One of the first lesson's I learned in this whole "Planning a Wedding" thing was to not get ahead of yourself.  I learned that lesson when I starting shopping for bridesmaids dresses before I had even selected my gown.  Big mistake!  But I wanted to start early and see all of my options.  And like most things with the label "wedding" on them, the options are pretty much endless, which can be extremely overwhelming.  But also like the label "wedding" I wanted the look to be perfect.  I think one of the things I am most anxious about is what we're going to look like all together on the day of the wedding.  Just another thing to wait for.
My oh so amazing Matron of Honor did some bridesmaid research and found that the bridesmaid should act as the frame while the bride is the center of the picture.  Once my dress was selected and the bridesmaid dress hunt was serious I created a collage of all the dress options.  Although I feel I could have made the final decision I definitely wanted my girls to feel included.  To feel that they could provide feedback into their look for the day.  So I picked out 6 dresses.  Different styles, different price points, different materials, different blues.  I gave the girls a month to shop...go to the different stores and try on the different styles.  Then at the end of March all of us talked on the phone together to discuss their experiences and make the final selection.  Thankfully we came to a decision pretty easy.  Classic, simple, elegant.  Supportive and flattering.  Beautiful color and not crazy expensive.  A pretty good combination, and everything that I wanted the dress to be.  The official color is "indigo".  I couldn't find a picture of the dress in that color, what's picture above is technically "cobalt".  The indigo is a deeper blue.  The sample of this dress in the stores is called "spice" which in my opinion is not a very attractive color.  I can't wait to see the dress in person in the indigo color.  The material is a nice satin and will compliment my dress beautifully.  The back is a corset back, which my dress is as well, and I think that is a perfect similarity to both dresses. 
Who knew I could write so much about one dress!  I can't wait to see it all come together.


Emily Foley said...

I REALLY like the detailing in the front, the fan-type gathering. So flattering and so pretty. I bet they'll look fantastic! Great choice.

Summer said...

the cut is really nice! I like them. I think they'll be really great, especially in pictures!