Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wedding Wednesday ~ the seating chart

So much has been done!  I going to try and remember it all.  So if this post is a little (or a lot) random and  crazy, no worries, hopefully it'll all make sense next FRIDAY!

Pictures above is our color coded seating chart.  I saw this recommendation on some wedding website, and it made total sense to me.  We got a large poster board, with little sticky's in different colors and made each group a different color. 
If I remember correctly the colors are as follows:
yellow = vendor
pink = brides friends
purple = brides family
orange = brides coworkers
light blue = grooms friends
dark blue = grooms family
green = grooms coworkers

The seating arrangement has been a huge headache.  With lots of stress, Chris making a phone call to my dad, and my dad apologizing to me (I'm pretty sure hell froze over at that moment), the seating chart was finalized about a week ago.

Right now we have a head count of 124.  We had to give our final count (and pay for overage) to the reception place this past Friday.  And our final count to the caterer is due tomorrow. 

It's crazy how you can plan what seems like everything, but with time down to only a week and a couple of days I've spent time doing wedding stuff what seems like everyday.

Last week I had a final sit down with the florist, and I'm super excited for our flowers and the usage of them.  Some will serve double duty with being on display at both the ceremony and the reception.  All along I had originally thought we would have two centerpieces, we will now have three. 

I've gotten a good head start on the Welcome Bags.  All bags are marked and ready to go with a tag.  And I have two out of three of the items that'll be placed in the bag. 

The alcohol is purchased and set to be delivered.  I've made signs for the bar that'll display what's available to drink.

Day of schedules are finalized and delivered.

The wedding programs are all printed and folded.  And the escort cards are also all printed and folded and alphabetized, and ready to go!

I have things labeled and ready to go to take to the Westin and to review with my day of coordinator.

I had my final dress fitting over the weekend.  Yesterday I got a haircut and highlight.

Still to do:
Write Welcome Letters
Follow up with DJ
Follow up with cake person
Change time on one of the limo's
Put Welcome Bags together

By this time next week my mom will be here, and majority of the wedding party will be en route to Colorado! 

9 days until I say I DO!

As the day gets closer things are still blurry, but with each passing day I can see a clearer picture of how things will come together.  And when I truly envision the day I get super duper excited!  I really can't wait to see it all!  It's gonna be an awesome once in a lifetime party!, party of LOVE!!!

Today is extra special, as it's my husband to be's birthday, so a very special shout out to him!
Happy Birthday to my Baby!  Thank you, for living so calmly over the past few weeks while things are super stressful in the world of wedding planning!  I love you.


Emily Foley said...

I cannot believe the time and effort (and money!) that go into weddings. My wedding was a joke compared to yours.

9 days!! Arrghhhh! So exciting.

Ookay, this is my 3rd attempt because of the stupid word verification. I will kill you.

Summer said...

Woah girl! So much going on! Good luck with this last push. I can't wait to see pictures, especially because your plans sound fantastic!