Thursday, September 6, 2012

~all kinds of crazy~

did i mention that our room at the Four Seasons had a
in the mirror?!


i'm ready for fall,
but so not ready for socks.


do you remember when facebook
used to be full of things that you said.
rather than  bunch of quotes and pictures from other people?
i sorta miss that.


i bought
Pop Tarts on Tuesday.


are you ready for some
i know i am.


i have these jarred cherries that i need to do something with.
i really want to attempt a cherry pie,
but i'm scared.
any ideas?


my calendar for september is booked!


i love how my feet look as i'm walking just as i'm about
to place my foot back on the ground.
it looks really slender and boney.


while shopping last weekend i found
the dress (this put shade of purple) i'm gonna wear for my
rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
it's super cute,
and it' from the limited.
and it was on sale:



Emily Foley said...

I love a good deal on a dress! Score.

TV IN THE MIRROR. I INVENTED THAT. Well, not invented, but "thought of it first." I used to wish for that when I was like, 7. Seriously.

Stupid facebook quotes and pictures. I hate it.

I buy poptarts like 3 times a week.

I hate cherries.

We got NFL Sunday Ticket and Dave is coaching football this year, so no, I'm not ready for football. Ugh.

Rachel said...

TV in the mirror = way cool, but I wouldn't want one in my house.

FALL!!! It's kinda-sorta here in Texas! 85 today, and it felt GREAT.

Oh, I really do not enjoy all the crap on FB. I'm about to start blocking some political bashing folks. Also, I kinda don't enjoy when friends post 6 million photos of every little event. Overkill.

We've been enjoying the poptarts from Dollar General. Way cheaper, which is nice when we could go thru one box in a morning, just us. :-) My dad once bought me organic poptarts. I was thankful that he thought of me, but I also laughed.

eh, football, not too excited here. but, camping season is starting for us - woo hoo!!!

Cherry pie would be delicious! Read the jar - are they all ready for pie, or do you need to cook them with sugar and water to make the yummy cherry sauce? Roll-out crust from the store makes pie so do-able. Do it! Do it! :-)

Hopefully September is not crazy overbooked, Bride-to-be!

Dress on sale = awesome!!!

April said...

Rachel they are cherries in a mason jar from my future grandmother-in-law. so who knows?

Summer said...

TV mirror? Awesome!

I was excited for football before school started. :(

September is like the craziest month of the year!

sarahlove said...

I adore that you look at your feet!

FB. It's an inner battle for me. Sometimes, I think it's turning into a TV, because of all the advertisements and quotes that aren't even legit. In fact, I think I will post that as my status update right now!

Now I want pie. I never want pie!