Monday, September 24, 2012

Engagement Bliss

Chris and I have been your normal busy engaged couple about to get married.  But while the day nears we're still have fun and keeping busy with "normal" life.  We had a super busy and fun weekend.  
Saturday evening we attended my friend Andrea's wedding(pictures later), and we had a blast!  It was great to look at her wedding moment by moment, as I felt like I knew majority of the details, since Andrea and I have been planning our weddings together pretty much detail by detail over the past 6 months.  
Their wedding was the the Four Seasons downtown, and to totally get away and enjoy ourselves I got us a room!  We danced the night away and truly had a great time.  I could tell Chris was also observing, as he definitely had some input on how he wants our night to go. 

#18 Peyton Manning in action
 Sunday morning we slept in and then headed to the Bronco game!  Chris is a big Bronco fan, and has never been to a home game, so I thought I would start his birthday week off (his bday is Wednesday) with something totally non-wedding related, and take him to his first game!  The weather was wicked hot, and we were right in the sun through the first half, but we had a great time.  The second half was much more entertaining that the first, and we didn't pull off a win, but it was still loads of fun.


sarahlove said...

I love when I look at the bottom of your blog and see the countdown:

1 week 4 days


Emily Foley said...

A room at the Four Seasons? Whoa, big spender! :) I'm jealous, it sounds like a terrific weekend, my friend.