Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wedding Wednesday ~ 30 days!

How quickly has time gone?!  I'll be a Mrs. in a mere 30 days.  I was thinking about what to write about because truly I don't really have anything to update or share, but then I realized this is more for me and my memory, and I knew it would be important for me to write something. 
I have lots on my mind and lots going on.  I have stress related issues coming from both sides of the family and it has created a lot of worry on my end.  Nothing major and nothing horrible, just issues that I don't want to deal with.  Chris is so great and always says the right things.  He said something to me yesterday that really stuck with me that I want to try and prioritize in my thought process over the next 30 days.  He said something to the effect of: If you spend your time worrying, then you aren't spending your time enjoying this time.  And that's so true.  I know that when I look back on my time as an engaged person planning a wedding, I don't want to remember the time I spent worrying.  I want to remember how much fun I had, how supportive my family was, and how fantastic my bridal party worked at making every aspect of the pre-wedding festivities so special and memorable. 
I know everything will work out fine, it's just a lot, and it's overwhelming.  I have a unrealistic need to do everything and make sure it goes perfectly.  I know this isn't good for me, and I'm working on letting go, and coming to the realization that not everything will go as planned.
Onto the real stuff:
I realize it is still the beginning of the month, but truly I don't think I could have planned it any better.  I knew all along I would want September to be low key with no major projects to do, and that's exactly what has happened!  I'm so happy that both DIY projects are done: wedding favors (ornaments) and table numbers/guest book (journals).  My goals this month are to organize, follow up with vendors and relax.  I purposefully didn't plan any wedding related meetings over this past weekend so that Chris and I could have a full three day non-wedding related weekend.  We relaxed, shopped, and ate good food.  We did discuss some wedding items, but nothing major.  The next four weekends won't be so calm.  I have a meeting set up next week with our florist, to discuss our centerpieces and finalize everything.  Yesterday I got the call from the Chateaux wanting to schedule our final walk through.  That should be accomplished today and most likely scheduled for next week.   
All of the gifts that'll be given at the rehearsal dinner are wrapped and ready to go along with a signed card.  I've started working on Thank You cards.  And all-in-all I'm pretty ready. 

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sarahlove said...

Ready or not, it will happen. Ready or not, here it comes. Ready or not, you will marry your love and that is what matters. Nothing else. Not even a napkin. If you worry that is what will matter and that is not what your love is about. Be like a river and go


the flowwwwww. :)