Thursday, November 21, 2013

Double Date Weekend

We told all of our extended family about Baby Sweat the first weekend of November.  My mom was thrilled to announce that she was going to become a grandmother!!   …a little side story, back in May when my parents came to visit I had many conversations with my mom about the fact that Chris and I were trying to get pregnant, and the whole “Trying to Conceive” community that I found.  She was beyond joyous at just the thought of us having a baby that she started chanting: “I’m gonna say it, I’m gonna say it….I’m gonna be a Grandma!”  It was so cute, but I was quick to point out that nothing was happening yet…  Like I’ve said previously, I seriously thought it was going to take a long, hard struggle to conceive.

We also saw my parents a lot over the summer, between their trips here, and our trip to NM in June, I was hoping that timing would work out to tell my parents in person.  But unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Anyways, my mom and her sisters (there are 4 local, and 1 in RI {total of 6 sisters}) plan many sisterly get togethers throughout the year, and my mom had hoped that she could plan a gathering for this special announcement.  But my Aunt Patti who is a brand new grandmother herself was in Nashville with her daughter Nikki and her grandson that was born on 9/25. 

So instead that weekend my mom just called of her sisters and told all of them the news that way.

Then the weekend after when my Aunt Patti was back in town, all the local sisters got together for my mom to celebrate and my Aunt Patti to share stories of baby Luke. 

From there my Aunt Michelle asked if my mom would like to travel up to Denver the following weekend for a last minute trip.  My mom of course, jumped at the chance.

So this past Thursday evening my mom and Aunt Michelle arrived.  They both got the special treat to come with us Friday morning to a last minute ultrasound appointment.  The week prior I had off/on light spotting.  I was concerned, called the nurse and we got a ultrasound scheduled! 

Baby is fine, and was confidentially told that some bleeding is completely normal.  Thankfully all as been good since Sunday!

I was so happy that my mom and Aunt Michelle got to see the baby move around and wave!

After the doctor we had a nice breakfast, followed by lots of baby shopping.  My mom – love her! is ready to fill the baby room with all of its furniture.  She’s ready to spoil this little grand baby of hers.  But I’m just not ready for that.  I would prefer to wait until March before we-or my mom rather, start going crazy with big purchase items.

But we had fun shopping around, looking at all of the stuff.  There is so much stuff!

For dinner that night we took my Aunt Michelle out to Colt and Gray.  It was a special dinner to celebrate my Aunt Michelle’s birthday! 

On Saturday morning we headed downtown to participate in the lottery for “The Book ofMormon”.  Chris and I had purchased tickets many many months ago, but were hoping we could get my mom and aunt in for the show.  Aunt Michelle was a lucky winner (out of 12)!!!  She was able to buy two FRONT Row seats for $50!  She graciously traded our tickets, so we got to seat front and center!  The show was amazing!  Soooo funny!  It’s of course, about Mormon’s.  The story is of two Missionaries sent on their two year mission to Africa.  The scary, poor, portion of Africa.  One Elder is the perfect Mormon who dreamed and prayed of being sent to Orlando on his mission.  Another Elder is the goofy, relaxed Mormon who goes along very happy go lucky.  Needless to say, perfect Mormon is a bit annoyed with happy go lucky Mormon.  After seeing someone get shot perfect Mormon gives up and leaves the Missionary.  Happy go lucky Mormon finds a group of Africans that will listen to him and about The Book of Mormon.  But Happy go lucky Mormon didn’t really pay attention during his training, so he basically tells these hilarious stories to keep the Africans engaged in his story telling.  Which results in all of the Africans wanting to be baptized.  This is a huge accomplishment, and a head Mormon guy comes to Africa to congratulate the Missionaries.  Meanwhile Perfect Mormon has “the horrible hell dream” and decides to come back.  Once the head Mormon guy is there, the Africans decide to put on a play of what they’ve been taught.  Which is very funny, and super inappropriate, and probably nothing like what really is in The Book of Mormon.  Needless to say, head Mormon guy is appalled and leaves disgusted. 

In a word=Hilarious! 

After the show we headed to Tag for another fabulous dinner.  I chose Tag because I got a Living Social deal, and it was so much fun to include my mom and aunt.

Sunday was another super busy day.  We started at church, then to breakfast.  Followed by another trip downtown for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  These were last minute tickets that I got from work!  I’ve always wanted to see TSO, and it was a great show!  After the show we hurried home to watch the Bronco game!

Overall jam-packed but we all had a great time! 

I’m beyond thankful for my mom and Aunt, as they treated us most of the time, and it was great to get in some quality time with family.

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