Friday, November 22, 2013

Random Pregnancy Thoughts (thus far)

I absolutely love seeing famous people who have announced their pregnancy:

Kerry Washington
Melissa Rycroft
Kendra Wilkinson
Drew Barrymore

I think a positive pregnancy test should be able to do magic, or light up and dance, or something.
This plastic device just gave me life changing news, and it doesn’t really do anything.

During my 12 weeks when my pregnancy was secret I would think to myself “I’m growing a human.  I’m growing a human.”  It made me feel ultra cool.

My friend Andrea is pregnant too!  We’re 2 weeks 2 days apart, and our weddings were 2 weeks 1 day apart.  Yes, we are living parallel lives.  No, we didn’t plan it this way!  But I sure was thankful she was there through all the wedding planning drama, and I’m so super grateful now that we get to experience mommyhood together!

Sometimes I still can’t believe it.

I really love not having my period.

I’m already annoyed by people asking me “How are you feeling.”

Pretty soon I’ll be wearing my sweat pants to work.  Maternity clothes have zero options for us working folk.  I’m already frustrated.


Emily Foley said...

That's so funny, I thought all the maternity clothes were for working women when I was pregnant. :) maxi dresses will be your best friend!

The best part of being pregnant and then nursing is not having a period. I love it.

Nikki said...

I got all my clothes from Motherhood Maternity and I loved them all. I wish I had some of them still :(

Nikki said...

Target has options too. And they are decent, but not as good as Motherhood Maternity. You can try Pea in a Pod, but it's more expensive. There is one in Denver.

Summer said...

I got so sick of everyone asking that too! I know it was meant nicely, but noone wants to hear you feel like crap. I'd always say "good!" and smile even though it was usually a lie.
I still do that actually.

Not having a period is so fabulous. It almost makes all the other misery worth it. I'm already feeling sad about going back.

GAP has nice work skirts and pants. Sooo expensive. I just wear sweats everywhere now.

Andrea Ryall said...

I wonder what step in life we will take next... 2 weeks apart of course!