Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Catch Up: August 2013

We were back up and running in August!  The beginning of the month started with a visit from my mom and my Aunt Deanna.  My cousin Cheryl had stayed with us back in June for a week in the hopes of finding a job in the Denver or Fort Collins area, and she found a job in Fort Collins.  So her mom and my mom helped move her stuff from Albuquerque to her new place in Colorado!  It’s great having my cousin so close!  So the first weekend of the month we traveled up to Fort Collins and helped unload.  We also spent that first weekend celebrating my friend Andrea’s birthday!  Overall so much fun!
The following weekend we went to Balistreri Winery.  A local winery that we got a gift card to as part of our wedding gift.  We had a great time tasting wines, and having great conversation.

We have wine in our wine rack!

 In the middle of the month Chris and I were somewhat irresponsible adults and traveled to Las Vegas for a night.  As you know  I love to travel, and I usually plan my year of trips before the new year even starts.  Married life is obviously different.  Not too say that I don’t love being married I do, but my singleton of just jetting off to see my friends and family (think my yearly trips to RI and FL) have come to a screeching halt since I met Chris.  I had voiced to him since the beginning of the year my want to plan a trip.  To go somewhere, see something.  This was many a conversation during my therapy sessions from the beginning of the year.  And then Chris lost his job.  So I just dealt with the fact that traveling was going to happen in 2013 (and a trip to NM doesn’t count).  Then Chris planned this trip to Vegas.  I was thrilled.  We were only there for a night, but we made the most of it!  We stayed at Nobu (a hotel inside Caesar’s Palace, a hotel I’ve always wanted to stay at), had some delicious food, hung out at the pool, and went to go see Penn and Teller!  It was a super fun trip, and it was really special since Chris and I were able to make our own memories of being in the city together. 

 At the end of the month, my parents were back up for another visit!  This was HUGE!  In the past my dad has only visited Denver every summer (excluding the summer of 2011, when he had his hip  replaced).  Then last year he was only here for a day: the day I got married, even after asking him multiple times to come out two days before the wedding to get to know my in-laws.  So the fact that it was my Dad’s idea to come up to Denver for a second time in a 2 month period was pretty impressive.  I give all credit to Chris.  Chris and my dad have the best son/father-in-law relationship I could ever ask for.  I’ll also give some credit to baseball, because like the trip in July this trip was also centered around a Colorado Rockies baseball game.  We also squeezed in a pre-season Bronco game!  It was great to have some more time with my parents, and to see the growing relationship they have with Chris.  Plus my dad gets my butt back in the gym, since this is pretty much his only daily activity, he plans his whole day around the gym.  So we went to the gym pretty much every day when they visited in July and August.

Otis checking out the new front storm door
When they were here in July I had mentioned things I wanted to get done around the house.  One project was getting a screen door for the sliding back door, and a screen storm door for the front door.  I love the fresh air (in the fall and spring), and without those doors we would have to leave the doors shut all the time.  Chris and I had originally planned to budget for this project in July, but that obviously didn’t happen.  So when my parents came up in August and we didn’t have the doors, my dad surprised me by taking Chris to Lowe’s to purchase a screen door and storm door for our house!  We now have the doors installed and I love them!  Denali also specifically loves them because of the extra sunlight the open doors create!  This time of year it has been perfect to leave the doors open and let the fresh air in!     

I have some highlights from September and then we’ll be all caught up!

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Emily Foley said...

Such a fun month, love the doors. There are lots of compromises in marriage and giving up on things you loved when you were single is hard. Good for Chris for finding a way to bring that in a little bit.