Saturday, October 19, 2013

Catch Up: September 2013

September was a pretty low key month.  Started out the month with Labor day weekend, which was nice to have that extra day off after my parents left at the end of August. 

In mid-September my friend Kim was in town.  Kim is someone that I categorize as one of my good Facebook friends.  Which might seem weird to say, but if it weren’t for this crazy social media site we wouldn’t really be “friends”.  I met Kim in the summer of 2009, when my HS friend Vanessa and her came up to Denver for a concert at Red Rocks.  They had a little BBQ get together that I was invited to, mainly to catch up with Vanessa, as she was the only one I knew.  And there I was introduced to her friend Kim.  When trying to think of a word that describes my friend Kim, the main word that pops out is: friendly.  She’s just so nice, and social, and beautiful.  Very warming.  From there we became Facebook friends.  Over the past few years she’s moved from Albuquerque, to Portland, gotten married, and had a baby.  I saw most of this unfold during my not so hot single years, and often I would email her with congratulations and advice.  I remember one time specifically asking her: “You’re always going out, what do you?  How do you meet people?”  Knowing that we were in the same age group, and also knowing that as you get older it’s harder to meet friends, but she was always posting pictures out and about having a good time, and I wanted to know what her secret was.  Simply, she stated: I don’t say no.  If someone asks me to do something, I say yes.  Seems simple, and ever since then that always stuck with me.  And why I clung onto my gym friends once I finally got out of my “funk”.  When she moved to Portland I inquired about the move, and she told me of her love story with her now husband.  That left me hopeful that I too possibly one day would find my prince.  Then shortly after she got married, she emailed me announcing that she was “with child” a through in through honeymoon baby!!!  I was immediately excited for her, and knew she would make a great mom.  Then I met Chris.  I remember emailing her my special news, and she was so happy for me!  I felt so lucky to have this friend to share my “happily ever after with”.  Anyways, the internet is just great for keeping in touch, and I’m happy to have this unique friendship with Kim.  We’ve definitely shared our growing up stories (over the past few years anyways).  So at the beginning of September when she messaged me and all of her Denver based friends that she was coming into town, and was planning a get together I was super excited.  Not only to see her face to face again, but to have her meet Chris.  It was great to connect with her again, and although the group was big, she made time to talk with Chris and I which I truly appreciated.  Another thing that Kim is great at is taking pictures.  She makes it easy for you to keep up with her life, because she always posts these outrageous status updates on her FB and always updates the latest happenings and events with current pictures.  That’s another reason I was so excited when she told me she was pregnant, because I knew she would take us on her journey of motherhood with pictures!  And I always appreciate pictures!  She’s witty and funny, and she REALLY needs to start a blog!  Anyways, it was just great to see her, and I always love reading what she posts, or our own private emails.  She’s someone I’m glad I met.
the beautiful Kim and I

Chris bonding with Denali
 A big event occurred on September 26th: Chris’ 34th Birthday!  The day itself was pretty low key, but we did got to breakfast together in the morning, then celebrated the following Friday night with a dinner downtown at Vesta Dipping Grill.  This is actually one of my favorite restaurants, but we had a gift card to use, so that’s where we went.  As usual we had a great meal celebrating my husband!
the super hot birthday boy

Denver's Race for the Cure
The last Sunday of the month was Denver’s Race for the Cure 5k.  As always I as super excited for this race, and for Chris to experience it with me.  The morning was magical, and emotional.  I just love this race for so many reasons.  We mostly walked with a few jogging spots.  Afterwards we walked around all the vendors and enjoyed the atmosphere.

September was also the month when I decided to start blogging again.  I’m so glad that I did.  I’ve definitely missed it, and it feels great to be back.  To document and remember the important things going on, regardless if they are good or bad.  Overall I feel great, and am in a happy place! 


Emily Foley said...

Vanessa Martin? Fun friend!

I'm glad you restarted blogging too.

Peg said...

I am happy you are blogging again! It's nice to "keep track" of you!

Summer said...

Happy late Birthday Chris! I think it's so fun and so cute that you do races together. I used to love going to the gym with Tyler, but he started going at like 6 in the morning so I haven't gone in forever. I guess I'm doing a bad job building up my baby's cardiovascular endurance. oops.
Glad your back! :)

April said...

Yes Emily, Vanessa Martin.