Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mom's Day

 I've spent the past two Mother's Day with my Mom so to be honest it's a little bit weird not having her here to hang out with.  But this year is different, so our time together is being spread out differently.  And just because my mom isn't here doesn't mean I don't get to celebrate all the wonderful and beautiful things about her.
I pretty much think my mom is the greatest mom ever.  And I know that most people think this of their own mom, but that just because their mom isn't my mom.  One of the things I love the most about my mom is the friendship that we have.  We're extremely close and is easily one of my closest friends. 
If there is someone who is more excited about me getting married, it's my mom.  She is seriously ecstatic!  She is always offering to come up to Denver for anything wedding related.  And if I did need her, she would come at the drop of a pin. 
Back in 2010 mom and I started a tradition of doing the Mother's Day 5k at City Park.  I really enjoy this race.  We did it together last year, and I completed it again this year.  Not a lot of runners (I think registration closes at 1500) and a beautiful, easy course makes this fun race for me.  The weather this morning wasn't ideal, as it was pretty cold, but still enjoyable.  Crazy to think that the last 5k I did was this one a year ago.  My time was right on point at 40 minutes, but now I'm exhausted.  My body doesn't have the endurance that it used to.  I did 60 minutes of cardio at the gym yesterday, then the 5k today, and I'm pooped.  It's not a feeling I like, and one that I'll have to build upon by getting in some more workouts!
This afternoon I had a nice long conversation with my Mom.  About her days events, the weekend, and of course the wedding.  It was one of those nice and leisurely conversations that are always enjoyable. 
I know many Mom's out there, and I hope them all a beautiful and blessed Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! How I love you so.

You are truly my Denver Angel; always have been my angel and always will be. I so missed being with for Mothers Day and your Run.

I am so short!!! Love our talks. Love everything about planning your wedding to Chris. He is so lucky!!

Talk with you so.

Love being the MOT-B

sarahlove said...

You do have the endurance that you used to! I bet you didn't rest your body for two days prior to race day, did you?? ;) You are awesome!

Your relationship with your mom is so special and you are very lucky! (I know you know!)