Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a walk on the beach

When Chris and I first started dated I had mentioned to him that I’ve always wanted to go on a romantic walk on the beach.  At the time this was something I had never done, but always wanted to do.  When our 1 year dating anniversary was approaching Chris thought of going on a little weekend trip.  I mentioned Las Vegas, he mentioned San Diego.  When I asked him why his response was so that he could take me on a romantic walk on the beach!  I was super happy and impressed that he remembered me mentioning wanting to experience such a thing a good 10 months ago.  And before I knew it we were set to go on our first real official vacation together to San Diego over our anniversary weekend!
So that’s where we were over last weekend.  We flew in Friday afternoon and got back into Denver Sunday afternoon.  Obviously a super short trip, but we did a lot without being crazy overwhelmed, and we can’t wait to go back!
Although Chris is originally from Nebraska, he moved here to Colorado, from living in Southern (inland) California for four years.  Chris really loves California, and ideally he would like to live there again one day. 
Our motel was right near the water and very nice.  Once we arrived and got checked in we drove to La Jolla for a nice seafood dinner.  The restaurant was a bit stuffy, but it was right on the water overlooking a cove, and Chris gave the most heart-felt cheers!  Unfortunately after dinner it was dark, so we couldn’t go down to the water because there was no light and it was just too dark, so we went back to drop off the car at the motel.  We walked to nearby bar called the Duck Dive!, you could tell it was a newer trendier place…super loud and crowded.  While walking around trying to find a place to sit, we had perfect timing as a nice round booth opened up just for us!  We had a few drinks and just enjoyed each other’s company.  On the way back we found a pathway to the beach where I was able to experience my first romantic walk on the beach.  It was perfect. 

 Saturday morning we got up and headed to Coronado Island.  We found a cute place for breakfast and just walked around the shops and eventually made our way back to the beach!  We got some cute pictures and had lots of good conversation.  One thing I loved is the bird of paradise flowers that were everywhere!  So exotic and beautiful!  My favorite flower, and I can’t wait to see it again highlighted at the wedding! 
 We had some more romantic strolls up and down the beach.  It was beautiful and the weather was perfect.
 Saturday afternoon we met up with my friend Angel at Balboa Park.  A huge park right next to the San Diego Zoo.  Lots to see and the perfect atmosphere to go for a walk, see some beautiful sights, and catch up with a friend.

 Angel and I
 After our tour of the park, we headed downtown to the Gaslamp District.  Very nice area of San Diego, lots of shops, food, and home of Petco Park and the San Diego Padres. 
 I got us tickets to the baseball game!  ...am I a good fiance, or what?!  We got awesome seats, and enjoyed the game. 
 the winning team!
Sunday morning we just had time to go to breakfast before we were off to the airport.  The trip was perfect.  I wish it was longer, but hopefully we'll be back one day.  It was a great way to celebrate our first year together and start off the summer!


Emily Foley said...

So sweet! I love beaches, and walking on them, and romance. Perfect weekend for you.

I remember mine and Dave's first trip together. We were dating and he came to my house for Christmas and we drove to Phoenix to see his brother and then back up to Provo for school. Nothing monumental but I felt so grown up going on a trip with a boy (separate rooms, of course:). I loved it.

sarahlove said...

Very thoughtful all around! Super sweet! Walking on the beach?! I imagined you doing that but was surprised to see a picture of you holding hands and walking! So neat you got that captured!!!

I also noticed that your hair is getting SO long!