Thursday, May 17, 2012

~all kinds of crazy~

i need some floss.


did you know at one point in time Texas
was it's own country?!
i seriously had no clue.
and if i knew this piece of
American history, i obviously forgot.


i can't wait until tomorrow!


the bus has 73 seats on it.
you would think it would be an even number.
maybe i counted wrong.


sugar snap peas are


i've been feeling off lately.
no bueno.


the next 3 weekends are super
and i'm looking forward to all the fun
memories that will be made!


i've been craving some new mexican food.
a trip to little anita's
might be in order.


red mango
golden spoon
what do all of these things have in common?


i'm loving how the color
is popping up everywhere!


when did sonic get rid of their
cream pie shakes?
not that i need one or anything.
but those things were good!


sarahlove said...

Cinnamon. You won't be disappointed.
You forgot.
Tomorrow will soon be yesterday. Enjoy today first!;)
Did you count your seat? Did you count the person driving? That is odd! (pun intended) ;)
Yes - yum!
You will find the 'on' switch. I know it!
Take pictures!
Ohhhhh- that made me miss my mom's cooking! ;)
They are all cold?
Yes it is!
I was just missing the taste of a Sonic cherry lime-aide last week.

Emily Foley said...

You forgot. I'm sure you knew that at some point.

I bet there is a place somewhere where there's only one seat; maybe in the very front or the back? Or maybe the side-ways facing seats for handicapped people, maybe there are only 3 or something?

Yep, they are.

I'm not loving my busy-ness. I hope you like yours.

Frozen Yogurt, right?

They got rid of the cream pie shakes AND the cherry limeade chillers. Those things were dynamite. I hope they bring them back for summertime. Did you know shakes are half price after 8 pm? I did. :)

Summer said...

Love snap peas. Whats happening in the next few weeks?

Nikki said...

is coral popping up more, or are you just noticing it more?

Anonymous said...

I think I'm seeing more coral because I'm looking for it.
Can hardly wait til 6/8, my last day at school and then I can get serious about finding the MOT-B dress!!! So lucky that every female I know will help the MOT-B be the brides proud fashion queen.

Can hardly wait ti 7/4 to be with the future Mr-Mrs. Sweat :)

So blessed to have no interest in Sonic (!) but very blessed to have access to the chili fix in Albuquerque . . . I don't take that for granted either.

Love ya bunches, MOM