Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wedding Wednesday ~ favors & men's attire

I realize I haven’t really done a Wedding Wednesday update for a few weeks.  To be honest I was questioning about what to share and what not to share?  Lots of things have gotten taken care of, and I didn’t know if I wanted to put it out there.  I think it is a small number of people who actually read this blog and who will be at the wedding.  I would say that the majority of the people who do read these updates know what’s the latest to be accomplished when it comes to the wedding and the details involved.  My guess is that the majority are either random people who won’t be at the wedding, the remaining few are people who read this, don’t know the details as they happen, and will be at the wedding.  My fear is that for those people what’s going to be left come the day of the wedding?  I would like to leave some things to the element of surprise, but then I thought that all of this is pretty random.  And nobody really is going to know what it will look like until the day of.  So everybody (including me) really won’t know what it’ll all look like together until that day.  So I figure, why not?  Why not just put it all out there.  Detail by detail…  Ideally I think getting a little blog book done about this whole wedding thing when we are said and done is a great idea, and having all of the details out there is the only way a cool blog book can be done.
Things are slowly coming together.  I’ve hired someone to come and do my hair and makeup, and am working on getting someone for my bridal party.  
 Chris and I have also started working on the wedding favors.  The inspiration for these are from this blog.  My mom and I went out the day after Christmas to buy the ornaments and ribbon.  We have a total of 127 of them, and Chris and I have completed 40.   My goal is to get the rest done within the month of June.
At the beginning of the month Chris and I went to Men’s Warehouse to select the men’s attire.  I’m super excited about this!  The men (especially the groom) are gonna look hot!  We have Chris is silver, the groomsmen in blue, and our ring bearer in coral.  I’m also looking forward to seeing my dad in a tuxedo.  I’ve never seen this before, and I’m betting he’ll look very nice.

The other big thing crossed off of our list was selecting the song for our first dance.  This detail I’ll keep to myself, but I have to say it’s a huge relief!  Chris picked it out all by himself and I think it’ll work perfectly for what we have in mind.  I had my first wedding nightmare about this…we arrived at the reception place and NOTHING was done, all of the tables were jumbled together, no centerpieces on the tables, our DJ was this chick that arrived with a big plastic tub of CD’s and a laptop, my dad was drunk singing “Hosanna in the Highest”, and Chris and I had not selected our song!  Not good.
Right now music is a pretty big thought in my head.  Mentally taking notes of the songs I want played and knowing that I need to start writing them down!
I find myself going through waves.  There are times when I’m just done with this planning thing and I don’t want to do anything wedding related, other times I’m super excited and motivated.  Today is one of those days.  I’m super excited and I just can’t wait to see everything come together! 


Emily Foley said...

It looks so nice, April, I love it! I think it's no big deal to share the details because you're right, even with the details you can't know how it will all look when it finally comes together. I can't wait to see it all!

Summer said...

I made CD's for my music. If you aren't already, you should write down the songs you want. I realizes after the wedding how many I forgot!

Love love love the coral. Whats your venue?

Summer said...


Anonymous said...

I am just in awe . . .

Love ya bunches, MOT-B

Rachel said...

You know, you might want to consider a drunk version of Hosanna in the Highest - it would be a unique, hilarious touch! ;-)

Everything is looking/sounding awesome! I am so excited for you two!