Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day 3 of 3: MD 5k

i'm actually in this picture
i'm right in the center, jogging, do you see me?!

beautiful city park
walking to meet my mom, to cross the finish line together
...rather than look at me, lets notice the shirtless guy!
aren't we the cutest mother/daughter team ever?!
after the race!

on sunday i did my fourth 5k! the mother's day 5k at city park in denver. i was really looking forward to this, and trying to beat my previous time. i told my mom about this race about a month before her visit, and she was instantly on board! is so helpful when your loved ones are on the ride with you through this be healthy journey! i got us registered and we were good to go.
i felt good going into this race because i actually trained for it. sort of. i've been spending more time on the treadmill, and actually jogging/running on the treadmill. I've gone as fast as 5mph, and I've lasted as long as 8 minutes jogging. Which for the typical runner is nothing, and I realize that, but considering I couldn't even jog for 2 minutes when I first started I'm slowly improving. my goal has always been to finish a 5k in 45minutes. that's 15 minutes a mile, which i say isn't that bad.
i left my mother behind as i jogged across the start line and was feeling pretty good. this race only had about 500 people so i had plenty of room and space. i was well prepared with baseball hat and ipod attached to my brand new arm thingy that held my ipod (thanks Mom!). i did a mixture of walking and jogging. once i passed mile 2 and was entering mile 3 i found myself growing curious about my pace and what time it was. ...i started the race at 9am. in my head it seemed as though close to an hour was already gone, and i was telling myself their was no need to push myself because no way was i going to reach my goal. so i continued walking. then i turned the corner to see the finish line and the time. was at around 41minutes. immediately i think "oh i'm doing great! i have plenty of time!" at that moment i picked up my feet and jogged through the finish line at 42:33!!! i was extremely proud and happy that i beat my goal!!! but then at the same time frustrated because i know i could have pushed myself to do even better. but now i have something to accomplish for my next 5k!!!
once i finished and let my heart rate come down, i walked back to find my mom where we walked the finish line together a little bit over 60minutes.
it was a super fun way to spend mother's day, and never in my wildest dreams would i think i would be doing a 5k on mother's day with my mom! city park was beautiful to run around! more and more i'm enjoying my outside workouts, and i wish i wasn't so attached to my gym.
after wards we went to a place called the berkshire for breakfast. i really wanted some french toast, but went for the omelet instead.
i'm so blessed to have such a great mother. she's so supportive in so many ways, and i'm so lucky! if i could, i would live these 3 days of celebrating mother's day over and over and over again!
treadmill 20min
zumba 60min


the emily said...

I bet she would too (live those 3 days over and over again). Congratulations on beating your goal, that is AWESOME.

Wonderer said...

so cool that you beat your goal!!! and, I so understand liking to workout outdoors. Something about the sun, the breeze, the openess - I love it! :-)

Nikki said...

yay, April! Way to go!

sarahlove said...

'lets notice the shirtless guy'.... oh my gosh April, you make me laugh!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes and yes I would love to live those days over and over again and again.
I am proud, lucky and so blessed to love and be loved. What a joy you are!!!
Love you and miss you, MOM