Thursday, May 6, 2010

all kinds of crazy

mom & i ~ stanley hotel ~ 11/08

my mom is 5 foot 1 of
she did STRIKE!
tonight with me!


on tuesday cathy (a co-worker of mine)
and i wore the same shirt.


my aunt patti got me a
japanese lucky charm,
from japan.


i hate driving in reverse,
but i am an expert parallel parker.
(yes i made up the word "parker".)


i have tomorrow off!
mani/pedi here i come.


name something


where you live do you have
7 digit or 10 digit
here in the denver metro area
we have 10.

STRIKE! 60min


Wonderer said...

cute picture of you and your mom! good fo rher for doing STRIKE! - it sounds tough.

cathy has awesome taste, obviously. :-)

what's your japanese lucky charm look like? does it represent anything special?

I don't mind reverse so much, I remember acing that part of driver's ed. ;-) parallel parking, not so much.

enjoy your mani/pedi.

the earth!

seven digit dialing here.

Greg said...

HI april, thanks for finding my blog, I just read the comments from all my posts the other day! my phone is 11 digits within Japan :D.

Nikki said...

Cute picture. And I can attest to the fact that you are good at parallel parking!

the emily said...

10 digit and I HATE it. So annoying.

I was going to say the earth too so I guess I'll say the moon.