Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2 of 3: date with mom‏

saturday was date day/night with my mom. that morning we slept in, had a great workout, followed by a yummy breakfast at delectable egg. that afternoon i had a special surprise waiting for my mom. she had no clue what it was! i find it extremely difficult to keep secrets from my mom, because she basically knows everything about me but i kept it to myself until the very last moment.
leading up to the event, the only thing i told her was that i had a surprise and that we had to be downtown by 2pm. we were running late and caught some horrible traffic driving into denver. i was seriously stressing that we were going to make it. when we were closer to downtown i finally spilled the beans. i said "mom, we're going to a musical, we can't be late!!!" thankfully we got there just in time for the showing of "In the Heights". my mother was pleasantly surprised, even better - she had no clue! score one for me!!!
"In the Heights" takes place in brooklyn, NY on the eve of july 4th. the story is centered on a street corner of small family businesses all trying to live the american dream. all of the businesses consider each other family as they can share stories of struggles and hoping to make it big!, or by winning the lottery, whichever comes first. the story itself is truly uplifting, and shows how much families can love each other, and because of love will do anything to make someone happy or to help realize their dreams.
my favorite part of the show was definitely the dancing. because the story takes place in brooklyn the clothes, language, hair, music, and dancing all had a strong latin flare! the dancing was edgy and creative. it is so amazing how talented people are when then can sing and dance, and not only that, they can sing good and dance good! pure talent right there!!! the show was super fun, if you have a chance to see it, take it!
after the show we walked over for a fancy dinner at the oceanaire. i saw this place downtown years ago, and have been wanting to try it for sometime. i'm a big fan of seafood, so mom and i check it out. it was great! the food and service were excellent. we shared an amazing crab cake before our meal, that was outstanding! my main course was Alaskan halibut in a chorizo sauce topped with your mouth watering yet, because mine is! mom had scallops with jasmine rice in a coconut sauce. seriously so good! we did indulge in some dessert. we shared a peach cobbler, and since it had fruit that also means their were no calories! ;)
the day was perfect! i enjoyed sharing it with my mom and doing something that we both enjoy!
elliptical 45min
treadmill 25min


the emily said...

You're a good daughter! Sounds like a rockin' good time (especially the food, YUMM-O). You look sooo pretty in that last picture. How do you know just how to pose? I'm so bad at taking pictures.

Nikki said...

AWESOME! Sounds like a great time. You do look pretty in the pictures, I agree with emily.

Anonymous said...

Finally able to catch-up on your blog.

What can I say to such a wonderful daughter who makes it so easy.
Thank you for the best Mothers Day(s) I have ever had (next to the day you were born)!!
Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart (in fact, the whole heart)!!!

Love you and miss you, MOM

Anonymous said...

I had left a great response, can't get it posted!!! MOM

Anonymous said...

Trying to get a post not having much luck. Love MOM

sarahlove said...

Oh musicals are so uplifting! What a splendid time!!!