Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Places I've Been: NY


i've been to new york twice.
the first time was the summer of 1999. my parents and i took a trip to rhode island that summer, and during our visit my aunt and uncle took us on a day trip to NYC via bus. it was me, my dad, my aunt margaret and uncle john. my mom had some pretty bad back issues during this time, so she didn't make the trip, and i don't remember why my cousin charlene didn't come along.
i still remember the movie they played on the bus drive "shawshank redemption". anyways, once we arrived in the city it was raining. i'm pretty sure it wasn't pouring but i think it was a pretty steady rain. upon getting off of the bus near the statue of liberty there were all of these vendors right outside our bus door selling umbrella's. i can't remember if we bought any. my uncle john had given us the option to either go up the statue of liberty or go shopping. i chose to go up the statue of liberty. we took the ferry over to the statue of liberty. i remember the ferry stopping at ellis island, but we didn't get off. looking back now, i wish he would have. i remember walking up to the entrance to go up the statue and the awesome looking torch that's in the lobby area as you enter. the tour guide told us how lucky we were to be entering to quickly because of the bad weather there weren't as many people as on a nice weather day. my dad told me that you used to be able to go up her arm to the torch, and when we went we were able to take the stairs to her crown. i'm not too sure if you can still do that. i remember going up hundred's of stairs and the section right before you did the loop of her crown being super super tight. the stairs went up in a spiral and they were so close together. i took some awesome pictures with my cousin's super fancy camera of lady liberty that i cherish to this day. i don't remember the details, but i remember almost missing the bus to go back to RI. i went with my dad and uncle to the statue of liberty and i'm pretty sure it was my uncle who made us late. it was a pretty big deal, my aunt was p i s s e d! i don't really remember it being that big of a deal, but still to this day my dad still gives my uncle a hard time about it.
once we were back on the bus headed back to RI we drove down a street that if you looked down one of the intersections you could see times square. so i saw times square from a distance. that was my day trip to new york city.
i have always wanted to travel back to NYC, stay in the city, and spend more time there. ...i have something in the works for late next year!!!
my second trip to new york was december of 2000. i traveled to upstate new york to see a boy i was sorta dating. ...oh to be young and stupid! the boy wasn't worth it, but the scenery was gorgeous. snow everywhere and classic country surroundings. the boy was living in his dad's house, and this house was amazing! i believe it was built in the early 1900's on this huge lot with a frozen lake in the backyard. i wish i had a scanner so you could see the pictures. it was christmastime so everything was decorated beautifully. i have to say i regret the situation with the boy, but that i don't regret this trip because i got to see part of the country that i might not ever see again. i flew into the albany airport, and for the life of me i can't remember the name of the little town his dad lives in, but overall the trip was a great experience.
treadmill 15min
zumba 35min


sarahlove said...

Take a picture of the picture so you can show us!! :o)

And try not to use a flash so there isn't a glare across it.

Nikki said...

Yes, do what Sarah said ;). I've never been to upstate NY, but would love to go when all the leaves are changing.

the emily said...

Awesome! I've been twice as well. Joseph Smith (who started the mormon church) started the church in Palmyra, NY and they put on a huge play there every year, so my family went to that twice. It is amazingly beautiful up there. One of those years we went to NYC and got lost in Harlem when my dad was looking for Central Park. That was interesting. We went to the Statue of Liberty and on top of the tallest twin tower. I have some cool pictures from there.

Wonderer said...

I've never been to NY, want to go someday. :-) thank you for sharing where you've been, I'm enjoying it!