Thursday, May 13, 2010

all kinds of crazy

this container was on our table
saturday night at the oceanaire.
my mom thought they were


as i was walking to the gym today
an older man was walking behind me.
as i walked through the door i held it open for him.
now usually when a person does something like this
the person goes and grabs the door
says "thank you" while you let go of the door
because they are now holding it.
well this man says "thank you" but
grab the door and lets me
hold the door open and while he walks through.
i'm sorry, but how rude is that?!


i added chopped up
cilantro to my tuna this week.
and it was tasty.


STRIKE! was super fun today.
it wasn't crazy crowded
and i was actually able to move!
here's one of sequences we did:
knee knee, left kick right kick, cross jab cross jab, elbow.


i had to bring out
my heavy quilt this week,
because it has been that cold.


personalities are

STRIKE! 60min


sarahlove said...

band-aides?! omg, your mom is too cute!!! I suppose once a person becomes a mom, they always think like one. :o)

the emily said...

Those totally look like the old school bandaids. I can see it.

I don't love cilantro but Dave LOVES LOVES LOVES it. I should pass on that tip.

We've been using the heater all week, and this morning I turned on the fireplace. Lame.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nod on the band-aids!

April introduced me to cilantro and I love it. Thanks.

Love MOM