Saturday, May 8, 2010

week 6: back on track

this week was a good week. i'm back to feeling positive and my numbers are back in the negative! which is right where i want to be.
thus far, it seems like this journey is one big roller coaster. drastic ups and fast downs. i need to find a good balance and start coasting. since i started slimgenics i haven't had a full solid 2 weeks of where i'm on plan and i've lost. i'm hoping to create this pattern starting with next week.
i feel like when i write these weekly updates on my new plan, and i've lost weight i'm thinking "that wasn't that hard". and i try to think if i felt deprived at all during the week, and honestly nothing really stands out. so i kick myself for the times i gained. but like i've put so many times, and i know i'll put it out there again and again, it is hard. i basically try to psyche myself out into thinking that i can do this.
although it will be a challenge. my mom is in town and visitors are my weakness. so i hope her visit doesn't disrupt me too bad. i have indulged a little, but i've also kept up with my workouts. in fact today i did a new class. it's been a long time since i've done a new class, but i've needed a new saturday workout since my hydro swim class got a new instructor that doesn't push me. so i asked around and spoke to a couple of instructors at the gym and i was recommended to try strictly strength. so that's what mom and i did today. it was a great workout. we worked all major muscle groups and did a lot of upper body combined with lower body which is always hard.
honestly i'm looking forward to the rest of the month, because i have some big mile-stones coming up, which i'll share once i reach them, and i'm looking forward to actually hitting them! i've realized that the more i get to talk about this journey and the changes that they are making in my outward and inward appearance the fears although still there, are dwindling. it's all kinda exciting.
strictly strength 60min


sarahlove said...

It must be scary BUT you owe yourself happiness and the results are going to be so gratifying. You are doing it!!

You are SOOOOOO worth it.

the emily said...

Down 5?! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

I am excited for you! -Kari

Wonderer said...

you are doing it!!! your new class sounds cool - I need to come visit you and go workout with you! :-)