Tuesday, May 10, 2011

mom's visit

alright, you've been patient long enough. now for the details of my mom's visit.
first let me say, that i was so ready for a couple of days off. i think total this year i've only taken 4 days off from work, 2 of which were yesterday and friday. so having some time off from work was well deserved.
thursday i only worked a half day to prepare and finish cleaning my house for my mom's arrival. once she arrived we went home, changed, and headed to strike! what a trooper my mom is. this class is intense, and she kept going the whole time! she even did a few mountain climbers! i was super impressed.
friday was all about food. we ate a lot. we started out at turley's in boulder. this stuff is good. all organic and homemade goodness. yum yum and yum. just as we were finishing up our meal my mom decided to get a banana walnut pancake to share. again ~ yum!
after turley's i registered for the BolderBoulder! i can't believe i'm really gonna do this race! no backing out now.
the adventure in boulder continued with a hike around wonderland lake. it was beautiful out, and created a great atmosphere to have some good quality mother/daughter talks.

wonderland lake, boulder, co

after our hike we enjoyed an afternoon snack at ripple. now i'm not much of a yogurt fan, but this stuff is some amazing frozen yogurt. it more so tastes like ice cream. you get to make your own frozen yogurt creation with all of the toppings you could imagine!
i <3 me some ripple!
after our day in boulder we ran home to get ready for a night out at ocean prime a brand new seafood place downtown. some more quality conversation was had about my life, and what's in store next. my mom is very much so connected to what is about to happen in my life, and throughout our conversation we were close to tears as to the change coming.
mom and i at ocean prime
a-mazing dessert ~ peanut butter mousse cake!
saturday was a pretty lazy day. we slept in, had a good breakfast, played a round of miniature golf in the afternoon, followed by some shopping at old navy.
sunday started off with the mother's day 5k. mom and i did this race last year, and decided to go at it again this year. the weather was beautiful. perfect running weather. for some reason i can't seem to get past the stupid 39 minute mark for my 5k. i know i can push myself harder, and get a better time. mentally i just don't do it. i don't know why, but i need to work on it. although i will say that i'm proud as i compared this year's time to last year's time. and last year's time was 42:54, this year's time was 39:13, so almost a full 4 minute difference.
mom and i @ city park for the mother's day 5k
after the race we went to see my friend milena and her newborn baby boy, who is just 2 weeks old! so precious.
mom and gavin
after the race we went to elway's for some mother's day brunch. this restaurant is super nice and inside the ritz-carlton hotel in downtown denver. first class all the way around.
nothing but the best for my mom
after brunch we did some more shopping, then went to go see "water for elephants".
monday morning was jam-packed. we started the day at the mixx! this was perfect time as this is sarah's last mixx class pre-baby T-nuts. after class we got ready and had some brunch with sarah and other mixxer's. then sarah and i went for a pedicure while my mom got a manicure. perfect timing just to head off to the airport.
my mom is beautiful inside and out, and having her here for mother's day was perfect. we had a great time!
barbell strength 60min


sarahlove said...

Well deserved time!! Great job on your race!!!! Your mom clearly thinks the world of you!

Nikki said...

Awesome! I love the A&M shirt :).

the emily said...

my goodness april, you are HOTTTT. those are awesome pictures of you and your mom. what a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

What a great, great weekend with the most beautiful person I know.

Love you so much, wish we could do this more often.

You are my inspiration physically mentally and spiritually.