Friday, May 13, 2011

~all kinds of crazy~

i love the smell of

lavender blossoms.

lavender in general

for that matter.


not too sure what's been up with


but this post is technically for

last night's workout.


i did two

(count 'em 2)

squat pyramids this week.

the first was to 15.

last night





i love pizza.


i've been super spacey lately.

it's embarrassing the things i've done (or haven't done).

monday i left my water bottle,

chi flatiron,

and big curling iron

at the gym.

i didn't even realize this until tuesday morning

when i woke up and saw i had nothing to do my hair with.

thankfully all items were at the gym for me to pick up

tuesday afternoon.


the next few days are gonna be


not looking forward to it.


i'm doing another first tomorrow.

i hope i survive!


i got some free

baby shower decorations today!

well technically yesterday.


what a big relief!

i just got my verbal offer

to keep my job!



thank goodness too,

because yesterday i booked my summer trip

to RI!


strike! 60min


Rachel P said...

WOO-HOO on the job!!!!!

the emily said...

What a pretty post. Congratulations on the job, that is SO great.

Can you buy me a chi? thanks.

Nikki said...

Yay for job, and I love lavender too, it keeps the bugs out of my yarn naturally!