Sunday, May 15, 2011

more cleaning

today i did my bi-annual closet clean out. i gotta say that doing this over the past couple of years is very refreshing. each time i get rid of a ton! because my clothes keep getting too big for me. obviously this is a very good problem to have! i still have to go through the closet in my spare bedroom which holds all of my dresses and skirts. which i think i'm going to have to get rid of majority of what is in there, because i couldn't find anything when i got ready for mother's day brunch last week.
i cleaned out so much that i have five huge garbage bags of too big for me clothes hanging out in my garage right now.
in addition to cleaning out my closet and switching clothes to spring and summer (now only colorado needs to catch-up!) i also cleaned out my linen closet down stairs.
i've easily put off this tast for at least 3 or 4 four years. ...yes, i am a procrastinator. i went through this closet and got rid of a ton of coats, sweaters, jackets, etc... plus, i did some cleaning and organizing. the feeling is just so refreshing! it was amazing to try on some of these items. i had one jacket that was a 3xL, and another that was a 24W. come next fall, i'll need some new stuff!
here is the finished and cleaned outcome of my linen closet.

all of the items going to goodwill.
i have so much space now! in my linen closet, in my closet in my bedroom, in the drawers in my bedroom. it's great!
on friday night i had an old navy coupon and did some more spring shopping. i got a pair of jean shorts, a skirt, and a bathing suit!
i'm officially set for summer!
strike! 60min

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the emily said...

Oh I LOVE a good closet cleanout. Nothing better! Only when my clothes don't fit anymore, it's because they're too small...