Sunday, May 29, 2011

come one come all

something freaky happened to me last night. i was upstairs watching TV when my doorbell rang a little bit after 10:30pm. at first i didn't hear it, but then it rang again and it freaked me out. i looked out my bedroom window to see a white truck in the drive-way. i tried to think of anyone i know with a white truck, but was coming up blank. the door continued to ring, followed by rocks being thrown at my window. i was seriously freaking out. i kept thinking it would be great if it was some sort of romantic gesture, but thought if that were the case and someone was ringing my doorbell and i wasn't answering it, i would get a phone call or text of someone telling me that they were outside of my house. but i received no suck phone call or text.
needless to say, i didn't sleep too good last night because of this, and i'm frustrated because i really needed a good nights sleep, because i know tonight i won't sleep very well with pre-race jitters.
then this morning when i came home from working out i saw a note sticking out of this little mailbox i have right next to my front door that read this:
"Hey sorry it's late. I was coming home from my cousin's house in Firestone and thought of you. I just felt bad how things went down and just wanted to say I was sorry. I'm such a stupid don't even know. If you want to call me 720-6*^-1234. I pray all is well and you met a great guy and again I'm sorry. Z."
as i've stated i've been dating quite a bit since october, and there are a handful of guys that i've gone out with that haven't even been mentioned on the blog. Z is one of them. we went out back in december. had a good first date downtown before i went to the parade of lights, then we met a second time at my house the next day before i went to a gingerbread making party. he was literally over at my house for like 5 minutes. after that meeting he told me he was getting back together with his ex. so it was done.
he obviously doesn't have my phone number, and i think it i safe to say that he doesn't even remember my name. but he remembers where i live?! now those of you that know where i live, know that my house isn't easy to find. so the fact that this guy found my house 6 months after a very short visit, is crazy. the fact that he showed up out of nowhere is crazy, left me a note, crazy. all of it crazy. why does it seem like out of nowhere all of these guys are reappearing?! i suppose this is the cycle, but geesh.
no, i have no plans of contacting Z, just making an observation by telling you.
plus his words in his little note. it's interesting, because i feel that i'm special, and i feel that most guys feel that as well, when they meet me. and of course it feels good to know that this dude thought of me. it's just so interesting that in the moment, nothing happens.
as my friend april would say: "these are the days of april and her life!"...or something like that. such drama. but not really. but it is entertaining.
what have i learned from this? go out with a guy at least a handful of times before bringing him home.
50/50 60min


Blubeari said...

wow! That is crazy. I would say it's flattering but a little bit scary. :-)

Nikki said...

wow, April. No kidding. I am so glad you didn't open the door. sheesh. Who comes over like that at 10:30? weird.

sarahlove said...

Very interesting... in a creepy kinda way that can also be flattering?

Anonymous said...

As said above . . .

So glad you didn't open the door.
10:30 pm at night - really what gentleman does that!

Good job Michael your archangel and guardian. Thank you.

Love MOM