Sunday, May 1, 2011

who done it?!

another VIP celebration to share with all of you! this time in celebration of brandi's birthday coming up! she planned a Murder Mystery Dinner party! twentyseven of us came to help brandi celebrate and find out who killed the victim! majority of our "group" had never done one of these murder mystery dinner's, including myself (another first for me!) and with the element of surprise we were all excited to do something different. we all got dressed up for a night out on the town!
the dinner itself was a little bit cheesy and the actors were corny, but a good time was had by all.
the group
we took up 3 tables at the place
our table
brandi herself had called ahead and had requested that her husband be called in as a prime suspect! little did she know that denise called to have her be included! it was such a surprise, that when the detectives came to get kevin she was in shock when she got called up as well!
the other surprise was the cake brought out just for the birthday girl! yummy!
mr. and mrs. smith...aka kevin and brandi
the birthday girl and her main man!
during the reception we were all told to make up a name and story to tell and mingle with the rest of the "suspects". my name was tiffany, my parents named me that because they like Tiffany jewelry, and i work at Tiffany, making the Tiffany blue color, and my favorite movie is "Striptease"!
it was a lot of fun! we never have a shortage of celebrations and this one was a blast!
happy early birthday brandi!!
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sarahlove said...

SO FUN!!!!! Wow that's awesome fun April!

Nikki said...

cool!!! You look so pretty!