Sunday, May 22, 2011

raining T-nuts

yesterday was a big day! it was my friend Sarah's baby shower! Sarah is one of my closest friends and this day was long over due!, but baby Zook is all about him and making his time known. it was such a fun celebration for Sarah and her bundle of joy and BOY that is coming Summer 2011! watch out world, things are about to get that much cooler with this little dude around!
never a shortage of food and drink!
how about some desserts!!! check out THOSE cupcakes!
this child is SOooo loved! so many presents for one special baby.
this group of friends all chipped in and bought sarah pictures of her new baby over the course of his first 12 months! such a blessing!
justine, kim, tina, april, sarah, sara, denise, and diane
sarah and i
this girl means the world to me. throughout the past two years she has been my motivator, communicator, and friend. she has seen me completely raw, and all freaked out. i'm so excited for her and her new family! Mr. T is one lucky little dude, as he has some pretty kick a$$ parents. not only was her shower yesterday, but today is her birthday. so...
happy birthday Sarah!
have a beautiful day. ENJOY!!!
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Angel said...

Ah... wish I could have been there to help celebrate! Miss you all!!