Tuesday, May 3, 2011


the 2011 met gala was last night. i have know idea what this event is for except for wearing extravagant dresses. wearing something out of this world, and over the top hot. i have some favorites and not so favorites.
first is hottest couple. i seriously just want to eat them they look so tasty!
Josh Duhamel and Fergie
this woman gets best dressed from me. i love this dress, and her whole style is beautiful. she literally shines!
Jennifer Hudson
she is gorgeous.
Ashley Greene
gotta love a glamorous cute baby bump.
Jessica Alba
worst dress:
she looks like a spider web.
Christina Ricci
everything looks bad. sorry.
Kirsten Dunst

barbell strength 60min


Nikki said...

Fun. I love looking at the dresses too.

sarahlove said...

I would have never even known this event happened! Thanks for filtering it for me! I love the ones you picked!

Anonymous said...

beautiful, stunning, beautiful, beautiful, ugly, hideous!...in that order. -Kari