Thursday, May 26, 2011

~all kinds of crazy~

i love dance. like really really love.
but for some reason, i just can't get into
"so you think you can dance".
believe me,
i have tried.


i'm not feeling
all that random.


thank you emily,
for introducing me to this blog.
l o v e it!


i'm not really digging ashley
as the new "bacholorette".
but that doesn't mean i won't watch.
i will.


i can't decide if i should record
the last episode of


as anyone ever done

how'd it go?


random thought from emily:
did you know that in paris
the movie "the hangover 2"
is called
"very bad trip 2"?
the proof is here.


super long post coming up about


i did a new class tonight.
it always amazes me how something new
always hurts and is challenging.


hip hip hooray
for a 3 day

fit 60min


the emily said...

I knew you would like that blog! I'm glad you actually do. I can't get enough of it, I love her. She was one of my forced guest posts before Paris--she had some great ideas on what to wear.

e-ha? wha?

I like Ashley. She's an idiot for choosing Bentley when she was warned ahead of time. And also, please don't use the Bachelor/ette as your basis for people from UT. Most people are actually very nice and non-crazy, but Michelle and Bentley would have you think otherwise. Also, I want Ashley's bum. Not to, like, touch it, but to have it for myself. So nice.

So bugged that I missed the last Oprah! Why was it on a Wednesday anyway??? Blerg.

sarahlove said...

Oprah ended?? Wow. That tells you how much I don't watch TV. I don't really ever see Oprah... but I will miss her!

Never have done the Target card thingy. Sounds interesting but I bet you won't get as much as you could for your item if you sold it on Cragslist or Ebay. Just a guess though.

I love to dance too but have never seen that show! I suppose I'm not missing anything!? That's good. :)