Monday, May 23, 2011

finally a new number!

talk about perfect timing. i needed some happy news in the world of april and yesterday i got just that! i stepped on the scale to new all time low! 174! you got that?! only took me 7 months to lose one pound!!! now of course when i state it like that, i feel like crap. so rather than focus on the negative, i'm going to focus on the fact that i'm a new number! a number i have never been.
i recently came to the conclusion that it is so much easier to lose weight in the summer month's. you eat lighter, you eat better, you are more active. plus if you are me, you are dating. and c'mon while i'm on a date, very rarely do i clean my plate. so i have better portion control.
now i just need to keep on going. so many people have told me i have lost weight, when truly i haven't. my mom told me that i do look smaller compared to when i was home for christmas. i like to think it is because i'm getting more tone, but who knows.
so for right now, i like this path that i am on. now i need to keep looking for those smaller numbers, because i know that they are out there. i just need to find them!
treadmill 45min
elliptical 20min

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the emily said...

April, congratulations!! That's awesome.

And, you really do look great. Really.