Saturday, May 14, 2011

the facebook book

book review
the accidental billionaires
the founding of facebook: a tale of sex, money, genius, and betrayal
by ben mezrich

i realize i haven't done a book review in awhile. mostly because i feel my book reviews aren't really all that great. usually i don't have anything too enlightening to say, regardless if i think a book is great or bad. when i read a book i usually tell myself to make mental notes of things i would bring up in a book review on my blog, but when i actually finish the book, all those mental notes are long gone! but i liked this book that much to write about it. not much the book, but the movie too.
i saw the movie back in october. the movie was great. to be honest the whole facebook world to me is quiet fascinating. this whole online social-networking thing is really just weird. it's crazy to think of how this website came to be. prior to the movie i had no idea it was a book. so the book was a pleasant surprise.
if you've seen the movie you know that it has a very specific attitude throughout the whole thing. and what's amazing about the book is that the book as the very same attitude. i loved the style of this writer. very dry, but funny, and lots of personality. i've never thought of a type of writing to have a specific type of attitude, but the way it was portrayed on screen is exactly how you would imagine it to be. which to me is pretty talented. the writer did repeat himself at times, but i think that was part of the betrayal part. the fact that you don't want to believe you are being betrayed. so you continue on in denial, until what was in your gut was happening all along.
unlike most book to movie adaptations, the movie actually had more details than the book. the movie went into details of the lawsuit against facebook and mark zuckerberg, which the book does not.
both the movie and the book are very entertaining. i would strongly recommend both.
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the emily said...

i haven't read the book OR seen the movie, so thanks for the recommendation.

Jimmy said...

Ever since I saw the movie I've been in awe of his genius. And I think those twins that have sued are just spoiled.