Monday, May 30, 2011

my first 10k!

today was a big day. it was a good day. an accomplished day. today i did my first 10k. of the biggest most popular 10k's in the country, attendance for this race averages 50,000+. today i did the BolderBoulder! woot woot!!!
i first heard about this race in the spring of 2003 when i heard some people talking about it. it immediately peaked my interest, and at that point i told myself i would do this race at some point in time. eight years later, i finally did it! honestly, this race has been in the back of my mind for the past two years. i knew i was on this journey to lose weight, and i knew this race would be a great goal for me. it's been a big focus of mine, to actually feel like i could do this race. this year was that year!
unfortunately i didn't get hardly any "training" in to feel like i would feel fully prepared for this race, but as everyone told me i would do fine. and you know what? i did great! i had hoped to do some more outdoor runs to prepare for this race, but the last time i ran outside was for the mother's day 5k, and i have spent some more time on the treadmill and increasing my running time. but, that's about it.
this race is huge, and consists of many many waves. i registered for a jogging/walking wave with a predicted end time of 90 - 100 minutes. my own personal goal was 85 minutes. i knew that i could do a 5k in 39 minutes, and i also knew that i would slow down greatly for the second half, so i gave myself 2 extra minutes per mile, which is where i got 85minutes. well i did not slow down! my official end time: 1:19:40, which i'm rounding up to 80 minutes (but really it is technically 79!), which is a whole 5 minutes off of my goal!!!
i only took a few photos, all with my camera phone. i did meet up with my friend julie whose sister took a picture of us, but i don't have it. and the event does have a sponsored photograph team, once i get those pictures i do plan to purchase and share those with you.
for all things BolderBoulder click here.
walking to the start line
getting closer
this race is very entertaining. bands, and dancers, and performers throughout the whole thing, and water stations every mile! one house was throwing out marshmallows, another gave you dorito's, one had a keg stand, and one had a slip 'n slide. the people were also entertaining. i saw a group of college guys in green sequins leotards, and another group of people all painted purple. 6.2 miles around Boulder and you are bound to see a little bit of everything!
finish line @ folsom field
i expected to be emotional at the end of this race. but i wasn't. i think i'm coming to the understanding that this is my life. that yes it is a big deal, but that it is now what is to be expected of me. that i'm this healthy, active, person who does 10k's!
i would say that i jogged about 75% and walked 25%. the second half wasn't nearly as difficult as i thought it would be, i could feel my endurance and feel that it was doing fine. that i could keep on going. if i told myself i needed to be jogging, i didn't really think about it, i just did it.
bolderboulder 10k 80min


the emily said...

Congratulations dude! You really are awesome.

Nikki said...

alright!!! You rock! I am so proud. We'll have to do one together one day, wouldn't that be fun? Love you!

sarahlove said...

"I just did it"

Yes, yes, yes!!!!

April you are so special!!!! Great job!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you should plan on doing one with Nikki.

We are sooooooooo very proud of you. Our Denver Angel and inspiration.

Love ya bunches, miss you terribly
hugs and prayers . . . MOM