Wednesday, June 1, 2011

question of the week:

Awhile ago my very supportive and loving Uncle John sent me a newspaper article titled "Five common mistakes when online dating". I still have the article up on my bulletin board thinking I would reference it once I came to actually fine toning my search by going to eHarmony. One of the "mistakes" is: "You don't self-promote. Enlist a friend who knows you well to help highlight your best qualities and strengths on your profile." Original traits that make me, me. So that is my question for friends!


How should I describe myself?

I like to think that I’m different. Different good, of course. Writing that out is difficult, which is why I’m seeking your advisement. Plus, I’m curious as to how you would describe me. Of course I’m looking for the positives, but constructive criticism is always welcome. *keyword: constructive. Even if you don’t know me, and only know me through my blog please feel free to share your thoughts. My blog is pretty raw, and is a good reflection of who I am as a person, so I’m fine with getting your opinion as well. For those of you that truly do know me outside of this blogging world, help me verbalize the type of person that I am. I would love to create something witty and original and will make me stand out…more than what I already do, of course!

So tell me:

What are some things I should highlight about me?

Thanks so much in advance!

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sarahlove said...

April. There is so many positive things to say about you. This will be hard to condense down... I didn't know if I should write from third person or first. Either way, you can change it for your eh.

You are loyal. In friendships and family you stay true to your word. You are very much a planner of things in your life however, you have been known to get excited about the unexpected and have been known to get up and just go! You are an extremely hard worker and you take pride in it. If you say you are going to to something (like set a goal) you accomplish it, no matter how long it takes. You are positive and enjoy cheering people on towards their goals too. You help support people in need. Following a healthy lifestyle is extremely important to you. Family means a lot to you and you always make time for them, whether it's your yearly trip with your cousins or dinner with your parents. People are inspired for your drive in life. You make people feel good when they are around you. You are a believer (and living proof) of change, a dreamer of life and a person who loves and cares.

April- I don't think what I wrote is very witty. But it's the truth. Love you!

the emily said...

I'm not witty and don't really know how to make it sound attractive to boys, but I love that you keep in touch with EVERYbody. I got Christmas cards from you every year, even when we hadn't spoken, emailed, or seen each other in YEARS. I literally didn't see you from graduation to our ten year reunion but I always got a Christmas card. So...what would you say that is? I don't know. But I love that about you.

Anonymous said...

Of course, I will be biased!
Because you are "awesome" just the way you are!

But three important things:

1) You are not a couch potatoe. Must be entertained and on the go all the time; planned or other wise.

2) I (meaning you!) require/deserve all of your attention but know when I need my alone time and not be offended.

3) I need someone to reign me in if I get too overly ambitious and/or if I go BEYOND reason or means. Someone who can gently guide me or distract me away from temptation(s).

Anyway from the bottom of my hear,
All my love, hugs and prayers,

Oh I so miss you! MOM