Sunday, June 19, 2011

an old friend

i have so much to catch up on! life is crazy, and it almost seems as though i can't workout enough.
last friday 6/10 i got together with my old HS friend rachel. she traveled here from TX to attend her sister's wedding in boulder that was yesterday. i got together with her and her 3 beautiful girls, aubrey, lauren, and sasha. we checked out the children's museum and had lots of fun!
lauren, aubrey, and rachel playing with the bubbles
aubrey, lauren, and sasha in a bubble!
aubrey and lauren more fun with bubbles
lovely ladies
lauren, rachel, sasha, and aubrey
rachel and i
their always seems to be an instant comfort when you hang out with someone with your past. and rachel is no different. we had a great time catching up about life, and hanging out with her girls was such a blast!
treadmill 40min

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the emily said...

Love that last picture, you both look so pretty. Hi Rache! :)