Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Places I've Been: WY

more catch up.
last weekend i went on a camping trip to guernsey, wy. lots of my friends were very surprised by this. apparently i don't seem to be the camping type. well surprise surprise! this chick can camp! in fact some of my most favorite childhood memories are camping with my parents and fishing with my dad.
anyways, my friend april had been planning this trip since march and goes to this lake every year. this year was no different, except she invited all her friends to take part this year in the festivities! and well, for the most part all of us showed up!
this was a great trip. guernesy is about 3 hours north of where i live in CO, and beautiful. our campsite was tucked away in a little cove and right on the water.
C even came along, met a huge group of my friends for the first time and fit in wonderfully. not only that but we spent lots of time together talking and creating great memories.
the kiddos on the toys
view of the lake
view of our campsite
yummy s'mores by ayden!
annabelle, april, brandi, kortny, justine, and i
grace and ayden
brooklyn and daisy
around the campfire
christina, annabelle, and i
doesn't it seem like my group of friends and i are always having so much fun?! going on new adventures, creating lifelong memories?! well it is true. i appreciate my time with these friends so much. you would think it would be overwhelming at times, and i'm sure to an outsider it is, but we all have so much fun, that everything just seems to flow in a stream of organized chaos!
our 2nd camping trip is already booked for the end of august!
in attendance:
nicole and damon and their 2 girls
brandi and kevin and their 3 kids
C and i
christina and her 2 kids
april and bobby and their 2 kids
chris and kara and their 3 kids
annabelle and daniel and their 2 kids
justine and charlie and their 2 kids
steven and kortny and their 2 kids
final count 37 humans plus 3 dogs!
master step 60min

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the emily said...

THIRTY-SEVEN? That's insane. I don't even know 37 people.