Thursday, June 16, 2011

two funnies

over the past couple of weeks i've seen two movies.
last week i went out with my friend jill. we had lunch together to see Bridemaids. this was sorta like a farewell get together. over the past six months jill and i have become really good friends. jill and i went to HS together and have the same mutual best friend michelle. we've always known of one another through michelle, but never were "friends". then in january jill moved from washington DC to denver to get a little closer to home. unfortunately she wasn't able to find a job in denver, and is in the process of moving back to DC. her move makes me sad, because we created a great friendship super quick when she moved here. but i know we'll keep in touch and have adventures elsewhere!
Bridesmaids was a hilarious movie. seriously so funny. perfect for two single ladies like jill and myself. so honestly that's all i can really remember about the movie. i know it isn't much a review. but i would definitely suggest that you check it out.
a couple of weeks ago C and i checked out the Hangover Part II. i had heard that this movie was a bit over the top. and well it was, and with that it was also very funny. the jokes were pretty much parallel to the original movie just more extreme. rather than a baby there was a monkey. rather in vegas they were in bangkok. etc... the most romantic part of this movie (if you can believe there was such a moment) was at the end, at the wedding where they lit and let go of flying lanterns. it was seriously like a scene out of Tangled. it was gorgeous.
out of the two if you must pick one, i would go see Bridesmaids.
treadmill 30min/elliptical 30min

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