Monday, June 20, 2011

swing batter swing!

friday night was another fun-filled evening with C and my friends! a group of us went to a Rockies game. for me nothing says summer like baseball! hanging out, relaxing, being outdoors, having fun.
me, C, Justine, Christina, and April

C & I
go Rockies! we won!
it was such a fun night. the weather was perfect, and my company was amazing.
i honestly feel as though i have so much to say, but no right words to use to give the experience i'm currently going through any justice. so for now i'll leave it at that and go forward to enjoying and appreciating my life as it is right now.
core 30min
elliptical 30min


Nikki said...

great, April!

the emily said...

Love a night at the baseball field in the summer. SO fun.

sarahlove said...