Tuesday, June 14, 2011


so i realize lately that i've been missing in action. a little bit absent from my blog. the main reason of course is that i haven't been to the gym, and of course i only blog when i workout. six days of no blog post, six days of no workouts. that's the second time this year that this has happened. of course when it happened in january it was because i was sick. this go 'round? it was because i was lazy. i'm trying hard to not beat myself up about it, because i could have easily worked out thursday and friday last week, i just chose not to. a friend of mine said it was ok, that my body needs a break. well that's why i try to workout five days a week, not seven. i know that the body needs a break. the body needs a day, not six of 'em. but what is done and done. i'm not too freaked out about it. but now i'm behind in my workouts and behind in my blog posts, because boy oh boy do i have lots to write about. oh baby!

here is what is in the works:

  • book review

  • movie reviews

  • saying goodbye to a new friend

  • seeing an old friend

  • camping trip

last night's post i had written last week, and had hoped to get it posted sooner but that obviously didn't happen. so i'm definitely in catch-up mode. thankfully i did a 5:30am workout this morning so that i can now look forward to seeing C later today!

stay tuned...

barbell strength 60min

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sarahlove said...

MIA. Yes, I was starting to get worried about you. However, you aren't indebted to your readers!! So, I had thoughts of you laughing and enjoying life.... unbeknown to me, you were! Camping?! I'm really shocked by that April! :o) In a good way!!!