Saturday, May 21, 2011

oops...i did it again!

my tuesday evening workout was interrupted when i arrived home, opened my garage door, to only have it open a couple of inches. i immediately knew i had no way inside of my house. i'm not too sure why, but i seem to have a talent of locking myself out of my house.
my first phone call was to my parents. i'm not too sure why, as they are 450 miles away. i guess maybe just to talk out the situation out loud. once i spoke to them i called my friend sarah whose brother works on garage doors. next call was to bobby, because i knew the only real way into my house was to jump my backyard fence, and go through my backdoor. thankfully bobby was able to come to my rescue, jump the fence like the buff spider monkey that he is, and get into my house.
here's how i successfully looked myself out of my house.
i have two front doors. a plastic door, and the main front wooden door. the plastic door i keep locked with a latch from the inside. see below.
view from the inside of my house
last summer when my parents came to visit my dad suggested and bought a combination lock to secure and put on the inside of my backyard gate. see below.
view from inside of my backyard
both of these locks were in place when i arrived home tuesday. now i'm trying to get in the habit of keeping the latch unlocked when i leave my house, so i have away to get in if this ever happens again.
thankfully on wednesday my friend's brother was able to come out and replace the springs on my garage that had broken.
just a day in the life!
triple cardio 60min


Nikki said...

Bummer dude. Glad you had a rescuer!

sarahlove said...

I think you just taught me how to break into your house. ;) lol

Isn't it nice to have great parents who you can call on AT ANYTIME?? I love mine too!